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No Longer An Option: Midmarket CIOs are Expanding Their Virtualization to Take Their Businesses Forward

Post by Michael Brunner, Director, Midmarket and Small Business Team

Recently I attended the Midmarket CIO Forum event in Bonita Springs, Florida, joining a group of leading CIOs to discuss the challenges and opportunities that midmarket organizations are facing. Many CIOs who attended were looking for insights from their peers and midmarket solution vendors, to discuss challenges and create actionable plans to move their business forward by leveraging new and existing IT opportunities.

During the discussions in our Boardroom presentations (shown here with Kyle Martin, VMware Regional Account Executive) the specific challenges cited by midmarket IT leaders ranged from balancing limited resources to meeting end-user demand, to quickly increasing agility to respond to new business requirements.

Attending CIOs agreed and felt that VMware helped them to meet these challenges, voting VMware as the company with best solution or service suited to meet the specific needs of the midmarket.


With this in mind, there were a couple of key conversations that came out during the Forum.


Key Conversations – Mobility Through Desktop Virtualization (VDI) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

With a recent survey showing that 85% of employees at small to midmarket businesses are using personal devices for work, it’s no surprise that mobility thru desktop virtualization and disaster recovery dominated the conversation among attending CIOs. From costs, to security, to reliability, midmarket IT leaders are looking for a way to ensure they’re providing the best solutions for their business.

The overwhelming answer to challenges relating to mobility and “bringing your own device (BYOD) among attendees was desktop virtualization. As many midmarket organizations that attended have already taken the initial step into server virtualization, many are looking to expand their virtualization infrastructure with VDI to ensure security for an expanding mobile workforce. A recent Spiceworks study reported that 65% of small to midmarket business have already deployed virtualization in 2012, with 39% using or planning to deploy desktop virtualization in the early part of 2013. Having benefited from initial cost savings when virtualizing, many CIOs discussed how virtualization expansion allows IT infrastructure to increase agility and quickly respond to new business requirements.

Aside from cost savings, many CIOs who had already expanded their virtualization spoke of additional benefits such as:

  • Increased efficiency and agility for their end users (end user computing (EUC))
  • Consolidated hardware, with more productivity from remaining servers and having a greener footprint (lower cooling costs)
  • Having fully automated site recovery and migration capabilities (DR)
  • Real simplification of IT management that allows them to operate strategically as a business unit rather than a reactionary help center, with existing resources and staff.

One of VMware’s key objectives is to stay closely connected with midmarket and small businesses.  It is very important for us to take the opportunity to share trends and learnings that you can use to shape your IT infrastructure and take it forward, and hear what your peers have to say.

We will continue to share recaps from these events through the year.   I welcome your thoughts below in the comments.

For those of you exploring disaster recovery, desktop virtualization solutions and mobility, I urge you to review these helpful resources to assist in moving your organization forward:


Until next time,


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