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New eBook: Top Four Reasons to Expand Virtualization of Your IT Environment

VMware SMB

In a recent survey of more than 1,000 small to midmarket businesses, 68% say they plan to spend more on virtualizing their infrastructure this year than they did last year. Although cutting costs remains a key driver of virtualization, companies that have already implemented virtualization are seeing plenty of additional benefits.

Demands on IT departments are changing, from increased pressures to implement BYOD policies for users to scalability issues, and expanding on virtualization remains a key step for laying a foundation for a small to midmarket organization’s infrastructure.

Download this free eBook to get the top 4 reasons why you need to expand virtulization in your IT environment  and what your midmarket or small business stands to gain – beyond cost savings:

  • Learn how to prevent outages with a resource-constrained environment
  • Discover how you can be among the 73% of companies that have reduced significant time investments in routine administrative tasks.
  • Hear from other companies on how expanding virtualization has improved their business.

What were your top reasons for expanding virtualization? Share them with us here.

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