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Introducing VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced

By Mauricio Barra, Infrastructure Product Marketing, VMware

I am excited to announce the evolution of VMware vSphere Data Protection with a new edition called VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced, which is VMware’s backup and recovery solution designed for midsize vSphere environments.

As many of you know, vSphere Data Protection (VDP) was introduced with VMware vSphere 5.1 as a feature included with vSphere Essentials Plus and above. Replacing the legacy backup feature VMware Data Recovery, VDP enabled our customers to protect small environments with a more robust and reliable solution.

With VDP Advanced, we extend the capabilities of VDP to enable any midsize customer to protect their entire vSphere environment.


Greater scalability and application awareness

VDP Advanced provides greater scalability with up to 8TB of deduplicated data per virtual appliance, four times as much as VDP delivers. Expect this 8TB to protect approximately 200 virtual machines (VMs) based on average storage and retention requirements, and just as in VDP, remember that you can scale beyond 8TB by deploying several VDP Advanced virtual appliances.

VDP Advanced also provides application-aware protection for the most prominent, mission-critical applications found in most environments, namely Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server. By running agents from within the VM, VDP Advanced ensures application consistency, which is a crucial state to guarantee reliable protection of these applications. This approach also enables more granular backup and recovery of individual databases.


Cost-effective backup and recovery designed for vSphere

VDP has experienced some impressive adoption with over 10,000 VMware customers having downloaded the solution since it became available in vSphere 5.1 in September 2012. The popularity of VDP can be explained through the benefits it delivers, all of which are also available with VDP Advanced.

Based on EMC Avamar technology, both VDP and VDP Advanced feature variable-length deduplication performed across all the VMs targeted to the VDP virtual appliance. Additionally, when application-specific agents are deployed, deduplication in VDP Advanced is performed inside the VM, which unlocks even greater efficiency. The unique variable-length, global, client-side deduplication engine in VDP Advanced reduces backup storage by up to 95% and backup network bandwidth by up to 99%, enabling you to experience important cost savings in your backup infrastructure.

However, Capex savings mean little without the Opex component to support them. VDP Advanced is the ideal backup solution for your virtual environment because it is designed to simplify the life of the vSphere administrator. Creating backup jobs is a simple wizard-driven setup and recovering VMs or individual files is a one-step process. Seamlessly integrated with vCenter Server and the vSphere Web Client, VDP Advanced dramatically reduces operational overhead because it allows you to manage backup and recovery of your VMs from the same UI as your vSphere infrastructure.

We understand IT organizations can be constrained in time and resources and that you can’t afford to deal with complicated and expensive products. That is why we are excited to deliver a product with enterprise-class deduplication, yet simple not only in management but also from a licensing perspective. VDP Advanced is licensed per CPU, which means that you can protect as many VMs as needed on your licensed vSphere hosts. Licensing VDP Advanced is as simple as matching the number of vSphere licenses and your environment will be protected and ready to go.

VDP Advanced is available for purchase a-la-carte, or included in the entirely new vSphere with Operations Managements Acceleration Kits (Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions). Each one of these kits includes everything you need to get your vSphere environment started, including the ability to protect it with the most efficient and simple backup and recovery.

If you want to learn more about VDP Advanced, visit the website. And if you are already a user of VDP, remember than you can easily upgrade to take advantage of the scalability and application awareness of VDP Advanced.


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