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State of SMB IT Report – Equip Yourself with These Stats to Help Make Vital IT Decisions

I look forward to this time of the year when research, trends and statistics come out. Recently, I came across the “State of SMB IT Report” by Spiceworks. I was especially pleased to see the trend of midmarket and small businesses continuing to increase in their adoption of virtualization. As I spend time with our customers who have virtualized or who are starting their virtualization and cloud solutions journey, I routinely hear them say …“why did I wait so long?”  At VMware, this same trend is very evident, and we are definitely seeing more and more midmarket and small businesses using our virtualization and cloud offerings to help them become more agile, and help simplify their IT and grow their business. I wanted to share with you some relevant highlights.


Virtualization’s Foothold Increases

As reported by Spiceworks in the “State of SMB IT Report,” virtualization remains important to midmarket and small businesses as the number of respondents who’ve adopted server virtualization inches closer to two-thirds. And, fourteen percent plan to adopt server virtualization in the next 6 months, marking what could be a significant jump in adoption for the first half of 2013.

Businesses that start virtualizing will most likely grow virtualization deeper into their companies over time. This sets your IT and overall businesses up for success by establishing a foundation from which you can catapult into other adjacent apps to protect your data, easily manage your workloads and efficiently manage your IT environment.

Source: The State of SMB IT Report, November 2012, Spiceworks, Voice-of-IT


The Cloud Forecast

The adoption of cloud services has spiked, giving way to desktop virtualization as being the next logical step. We are experiencing this trend at VMware. We are seeing that midmarket and small businesses are adopting cloud computing either from a public cloud provider, through our VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP), or building a private cloud using our vCloud Suite offering to integrate a conveniently packaged cloud infrastructure solution that simplifies their IT operations and lets them realize the agility, efficiency and intelligent operations management they strongly need. As cited by Spiceworks in this report, Cloud services are now used by 62% of midmarket and small businesses, up from 48% in the first half of 2012. By early 2013, 73% of midmarket and small businesses plan to adopt cloud services.

Source: The State of SMB IT Report, November 2012, Spiceworks, Voice-of-IT

Today, midmarket and small businesses represent one of the fastest-growing segments of our customer base. And we’re seeing the transformation to, and adoption of, virtualization and cloud services first hand. Virtualization and cloud services are the building blocks that can help you to transform your IT infrastructure and move it forward.

VMware continues to innovate, and deliver technology advancements to give our customers the tangible benefits cited in this blog, and more. We are seeing these benefits extend to almost all midmarket and small businesses daily. Rest assured, VMware is not stopping there. Innovation and helping our customers is what drives us.

Do you have comments about how virtualization and cloud computing is transforming your business? What technologies are you implementing? We are interested to hear from you.

Until next time,

Brandon Sweeney

Source: The State of SMB IT Report, November 2012, Spiceworks, Voice-of-IT, a social business platform for IT for the midmarket and small business community. (www.spiceworks.com/voice-of-it).

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