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From the Bloggers Bench: Gain Visibility into Your IT’s Health/Performance (Free) – vCenter Operations Manager Foundation

Post by Systems Engineer Ivan Talley

Throughout my career, I always found it interesting that a majority of my job revolved around attempting to manage something almost entirely invisible to me. All of that data, email and those documents were moving to and from the datacenter to my user’s desktops or recipients along hundreds, or thousands of wire pathways. All of this happening with very little physical visibility into the environment. That’s why I always appreciated tools, like packet sniffers, that allowed me to actually see some of the information that helped me to better understand environment. Understanding what’s going on in my network made me a better troubleshooter and more effective planner.

That’s why today, talking to our customers daily, I often find myself recommending tools that enable insight and visibility into the IT operations.   A great tool that you already own, but may not be using, is VMware vCenter Operations Manager Foundation. Many of you may not be aware that the Foundation version is now part of your core vSphere product. There’s no better tool for “seeing” into your VMware environment.

vCenter Operations Manager Foundation is available at no charge for both existing and new  VMware vSphere customers . This new, entry-level edition of the vCenter Operations Suite provides administrators with deep operational insights and visibility needed to enable the performance and health of their vSphere infrastructure. It also provides an easy on-ramp to the more advanced performance, capacity and configuration management features found in the higher level editions of the vCenter Operations Suite. You should find the download available on your MyVmware page. An example of a portion of the download page is provided below.

Immediate Overview of your IT Environment’s Health

Using this tool you’ll immediately have an overview of your environment’s health (the additional columns shown for Risk and Efficiency are part of the Standard/Advanced/Enterprise versions). The aggregate information presented will allow
you to quickly isolate any faults in the environment from a single view. I’m a great fan of utilizing the computing power of my datacenter to monitor itself and present information to me for decision making.

Use of the Foundation version of vCenter Operations Manager makes a convincing argument for moving toward greater agility by upgrading. The more robust versions build on the health monitoring features you currently own to provide capacity planning and efficiency information. These additional capabilities insure you get the most from your VMware investment while allowing your IT team to move from reactive, to proactive, monitoring and capacity planning. Using a patented analytics engine you will be presented with customized recommendations for optimizing your environment which can result in delaying, or eliminating, additional hardware expenditures in your infrastructure.


Tools to Get Started, Expand Your Virtualized Environment

So if you are not already taking advantage of all of your vSphere tools, download vCenter Operations Manager Foundation today from your MyVmware page to start immediately gaining visibility into your IT environment’s health, and running a more simplified and efficient operation.

If you don’t have vSphere yet, I’ve included a link here so you can try this now, and start to
realize the benefits.

I included some helpful links below.



Hope this helps.  Look forward to your comments!


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One thought on “From the Bloggers Bench: Gain Visibility into Your IT’s Health/Performance (Free) – vCenter Operations Manager Foundation

  1. Bjørn-Tore

    Hi – This is a great tool, but in my opinion way to expensive to be useful other than in the foundation version. Almost USD 5000 for a 25 VM pack is crazy.


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