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Announcing vSphere with Operations Management – Optimize Capacity & Gain Operational Insight into Your Virtual Environment

We’re excited to announce a brand new offering: VMware vSphere with Operations Management.

As our customers have continued to expand the size of their virtualized environments, we have heard that managing these environments can be a challenge. While vSphere alone drives significant cost savings for customers from server consolidation, we found that customers still have an opportunity to potentially double that cost savings by overcoming operational challenges, such as identifying performance issues, inefficient use of IT resources, or lacking a foundation for disaster recovery.

VMware vSphere with Operations Management addresses this opportunity for virtual environment performance improvement by bringing together VMware vSphere, the market leading virtualization platform, with the award-winning vCenter Operations Management technology to deliver a managed virtualization solution. This technology delivers a number of new benefits to virtualized environments, including:

  • Health Monitoring and Performance Analytics – Help anticipate performance bottlenecks and enable vSphere infrastructure health with patented self-learning analytics
  • Capacity Management and Optimization – Ensures capacity consumption is right-sized and not overprovisioned to allow for the most efficient use of virtualized resources.
  • Operations Dashboard and Root Cause Analysis – Provides intuitive operations dashboards and actionable recommendations (see below)

With this new managed virtualization solution, customers can improve performance and optimize capacity of their virtualized environments, potentially doubling the cost savings from virtualizing alone. In addition, with vCenter Operations Management, customers can now have access to a single-pane of viewing for potential issues and prevent downtime from occurring.

To learn more about this new offering from VMware:


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