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#vSMBChat Recap: SMB IT Predictions for 2013

Last Thursday we welcomed the New Year with a very special #vSMBChat on SMB IT Predictions for 2013.  Paul Strong, CTO, Global Field, at VMware, and Dana Gardner, President and Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, joined together to provide feedback on Big Data, private, public and hybrid clouds, virtualization, mobility and other SMB IT trends for the upcoming year. Here is a look at the conversation:

1. We’ve all heard of the Big Data trend. Is it only for big companies? How can SMB’s make use of Big Data?

Both Paul and Dana agreed that Big Data is not just for big companies.  All companies generate data and can use it to their advantage, as there are many cloud services available for dissecting Big Data at a lower price.

Wen Yu also offered an interesting use case for Big Data—use it for operational management.

2. The debate continues in 2013 public vs. private vs. hybrid clouds. Which direction should SMB’s take?

Our participants had a unanimous answer: SMB’s should adopt a hybrid cloud to benefit from the best of both worlds.

 Our participants suggested identifying core vs. context apps.  Context apps (email) should be moved to the cloud.   They also suggested:

3. What are some key benefits for SMB’s for adopting hybrid cloud?

And the crowd also showed plenty of excitement for VMware Horizon:

4. The SMB workforce is becoming increasingly flexible and mobile. What are some solutions designed to address this trend?

Angelo Luciani raised a good point for the mobile work force: Security.

The future for mobile lies in HTML5, mobile apps and desktop virtualization. 

5. How will mobile devices empower SMB’s in the upcoming year?

6.  Should SMB’s make optimizing their mobile websites/ building mobile apps a priority for 2013?
Our #vSMBChat participants agreed that there is no harm betting on mobile.

7. What are some ways SMB’s can become more productive in 2013?

  1. Differentiate your apps:
  2. Go mobile:
  3. And look to the cloud:


8. Where do you think SMB’s will invest their tech budget in 2013?

We saw a great deal of responses on the final question, ranging from training to disaster recovery to virtualization!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our first #vSMBChat. Stay tuned for details on our next topic here in the blog and on Twitter with @VMwareSMB.

What do think will be SMB IT trends for the upcoming year?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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