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Free Training Videos: Site Recovery Manager – with Mike Laverick

– Blog post by vExpert Mike Laverick 

The one thing that always resonates in the SMB space is that special four letter word – the word FREE. As you may (not) know, vSphere Replication is now included in the vSphere package. This kind of makes sense given the name “vSphere Replication,” it was never called “Site Recovery Manager Replication.” VR is great solution for the SMB customer because it comes baked into the platform. It literally takes minutes to download the appliance, register it with your vCenter and you’re away. It’s soooo much easier than the previous release which required a separate “management” appliance along side the VR appliance that did the donkey work of replicating the blocks around. In case you don’t, VR ships with so simple options to recover a VM from one datacenter/cluster or site to another.

For me, that’s just the start of the process. As long time advocate of Site Recovery Manager, way back to the 1.0 version long before joining the company, I really think what virtual DR is about isn’t just replication – but automation. That’s a place where SRM still adds a lot of value. One of the key differentiators for SRM is how we work closely with storage vendors replication engines using a piece of software called the “Site Recovery Adapters.” This is the secret sauce that speaks from SRM to the array, to orchestrate the failover and failback of VMs. So with our DR solutions, we don’t care whether the customer chooses virtual or physical replication, we’ve got you covered.

Of course one of the biggest challenges in the SMB space, and increasingly in the world of Enterprise, is keeping your skills up to date and acquiring new skills. There sure isn’t a whole lot of money sloshing around for staffing training in the current economic cycle. So I would recommend to all people who are interested: the new set of training videos. It’s pattern that you will see increasingly across our product range including technologies like VMware View.  Plus the other good thing is that all are covered by the same four letter word too – yes, they are FREE as well.


Mike Laverick is a VMware vExpert who writes, instructs and otherwise communicates about virtualization.

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