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10 Questions With… Mike Fegan


Name: Mike Fegan
Title: Systems Engineer
Years at VMware: 1 Month
Years in IT: 14 
Certifications: VSP, VTSP, MCSE, VCP

Get to know Mike:                                                                                            

 1)    What have you done in your career at VMware and what do you do now?

  • I was hired as an Inside Systems Engineer focusing on our SMB customers. I am currently in the process of establishing relationships with my team members and getting up to speed on some of our newer products.

2)    Why do you love working at VMware?

  • It’s an amazing company with a lot of brilliant people.

3)    What did you do before coming to VMware?

  • I was an IT Director for a Texas-based law firm prior to accepting the position at VMware.

4)    What is your area of technology expertise?

  • Virtualization, End User Computing, and Server Management.

5)    What is your favorite VMware product or feature and why?

  • vMotion. When I first saw vMotion in action I was amazed. When I first utilized vMotion in a production environment, it changed my life.

6)    What is the one accomplishment in your career that you are most proud of?

  • Finally landing a job at VMware, of course!

7)    What is your favorite/funniest/most unbelievable IT story?

  • One of the law firms I worked with had opened a small office in San Antonio. There was no IT staff on-site, so we had one of the legal assistants act as our eyes and ears. One morning I noticed that the e-mail server in San Antonio was down, so I called our trusty legal assistant to help out. I asked him to go into the server room and describe what he saw on the monitor. After spending a couple of minutes explaining how to navigate the KVM, he was able to see a message saying “non-system disk, or disk error”. I asked him to make sure that there wasn’t a disk in the floppy drive, he seemed OK with this request. A couple minutes pass and I can hear him shuffling around so I ask “is everything OK?” he responded with “Well, I pulled out all of the floppy drives and the message is still on the screen”. “What do you mean you pulled all of the floppy drives?” I ask and he responded with “There were six floppy drives in the server and I took them all out”. I had to explain to him that he had just pulled all six hard drives out of the server. Of course he didn’t remember which order the drives were in and totally destroyed the RAID 5 volume. I had to drive to San Antonio and rebuild the server from scratch. Took all weekend!

8)    What's the coolest thing that you have done (or helped a customer do) with VMware solutions?

  • Virtualizing all of the Tier 1 apps and implementing a true DR solution at my previous company.

9)    What's one piece of advice that you would give someone starting down the virtualization road?

  • Don’t skimp on planning. Make sure you design your infrastructure according to your business needs.

10)    What is your best IT Hero quote of the day?

  • “It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.” – Steve Jobs


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