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CRN 2016 Products of the Year: VMware Recognized


Soccer superstar Pele once said “the more difficult the victory, the greater happiness in winning” and we are inclined to agree.  VMware is very proud to announce that we have been recognized by CRN for Products of the Year Awards in the following categories:

  • Cloud Foundation – Cloud Platforms – Overall Winner
  • vSAN – Software-Defined Technology – Overall Winner
  • VMware NSX – Virtustream Enterprise Cloud – Cloud Services – Revenue and Profit Winner
  • VMware vSphere, vCenter Server and vSAN – Dell EMC VxRail – Hyper Converged Infrastructure – Finalist

As a reminder, CRN’s Products of the Year Awards represent best-in-class technological innovation backed by a strong channel partner program.

Award winners for 2016 were determined through a combination of editorial selection and a solution provider survey to accurately capture real-world satisfaction among partners and their customers.

For this reason, we are especially honored to have been selected as a winning software vendor.

It is our mission to deliver the best platform to drive digital business transformation for our mutual customers and to create growth for our global partner ecosystem.

We are delighted to receive the prestigious CRN 2016 Products of the Year awards and look forward to continued success in conjunction with our stellar channel partners in 2017.

For complete details, please see the Radius blog post published on 12/5/16.

Executive Forum: 2017 Trends Open New Doors for NSX


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.26.35 PM

Frank Rauch, VP of Americas Partner Organization recently interviewed Rajiv Ramaswami, COO Products and Cloud Services to talk about the executive viewpoint on Network Virtualization.  Watch as Frank and Rajiv illustrate how partners can drive more revenue through their organizations with NSX.   Key takeaways to note as you begin your 2017 business planning:

Extensive Market Opportunities

Network Virtualization is the single biggest transformation impacting the networking industry today. Including security, automation and application continuity, the opportunity is an estimated $10B.

As customers adopt more cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions, the need for networking increases, putting VMware partners at the front of the growth curve. The VMware installed compute space alone, has quickly grown to over a half-million customers and by the end of Q3, 1,900 had already adopted NSX, a reminder of the direction we’re headed with digital transformation.

Marketplace Differentiators

Security and Automation are the two major drivers for network virtualization. Partners that understand these customer concerns are uniquely positioned to help them modernize and streamline their business through digital transformation.

  1. Security: Once a data center perimeter has been compromised and attackers are inside, chaos begins. Consequently, data centers are a source of security concerns for many customers. Thankfully, micro segmentation is a game changer and once customers learn what it can do, it’s often the first trigger for network virtualization deployment. From there, other use cases across mobile users and virtual desktops become apparent and rapid expansion of VMware solutions follow.
  1. Automation: Every time a VM is turned up, customers also have to turn up related security. In a hardware-based environment that process is not automated but in an SDDC environment, it is. So, what previously took six-weeks to deploy can be accomplished in an hour with NSX. This speed in provisioning is a differentiator. Combine speed with micro segmentation’s ability to provide first line of defense for security issues and its routing capability to send deeper security alerts to other services automatically, and the automation story is truly compelling.

The Future of NSX

Customers are looking for ways to move data between clouds and NSX is the answer; network virtualization underpins VMware Cloud Foundation, Cross-Cloud Services and our container strategy. NSX is the foundational piece that opens doors for partners to secure, manage and deploy VMs in the public cloud and on VMware or native stacks. In 2017, NSX will also become critical in application development, micro service architectures with containers, and key in answering security concerns.

Prepare for growth and ensure your team is up to speed on NSX opportunities by completing these next steps:

  • Watch the full interview with Frank Rauch and Rajiv Ramaswami for more on network virtualization trends and use cases.
  • Ensure your technical staff is up to speed. Have them register for the December 7th vmLive at 8am PDT on Architecting NSX with Business Critical Applications for Security and More.  The session will illustrate how customers can use the capabilities of NSX to make critical applications like SQL, Oracle and SAP more secure by dynamically enforcing security policies.  The session will also cover how customers can streamline their deployment and test operations and how NSX can help with stretching Oracle RAC between remote sites to achieve HA and ensure workload mobility.
  • Remind your Marketing team to visit the Partner Demand Center to easily customize and deploy NSX campaigns.




How VMware SDDC Solutions Drive More Business

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge over Cooper River, Charleston SC


Customers across the globe and in all sectors are grappling with the complexity and cost of digital transformation. Momentum continues to mount despite budget barriers and transforming is no longer a choice. Fortunately, decreasing IT spend is a natural byproduct of the VMware SDDC solution suite and differentiates VMware partners in ways that bolster growth.

How do we know?

At Partner Exchange 2016, over 1500 VMware partners gathered for boot camps, training and more. There, we spoke with partners, including Cleveland, OH based Rolta AdviseX about customer challenges and wins within the SDDC market.  Here’s what we learned about how SDDC drives more business:

The Software-Defined Data Center eases digital transformation.

VMware SDDC solutions provide a strategic avenue by which partners can help customers digital transformation by:

  • Creating more efficiency, simplicity and agility through automation
  • Leveraging NSX for added security across their network
  • Lowering storage costs with vSAN
  • Fully integrating solutions across the entire customer environment

Moving to the SDDC improves IT budgets.

Customers often point to storage as their top budget cruncher and much of that has to do with the labor involved.  As a key building block of the SDDC, VMware offers Software-Defined Storage solutions such as vSAN which can mitigate costs in several ways:

  • vSAN quickly reduces storage costs by 20 to 30 percent compared to traditional storage.
  • Capital is freed up when storage is integrated into x86 servers because customers don’t have to buy large monolithic frames.
  • With integrated storage, customers buy building blocks to grow storage alongside their compute and network capacity. Doing so results in less spend tied to projected growth and focuses more on business ‘right now.’

The SDDC saves time for IT teams.

At the end of the day, SDDC’s story is about freeing up resources from hardware and providing unified management and APIs for things such as private cloud initiatives. With VMware, partners are able to tell powerful time and cost saving stories to those who have become accustomed to multiple interfaces across multiple brands.

For more information about Rolta AdviseX and their success with the SDDC, watch this short partner story video from Partner Exchange 2016.

Interested in sharing your own story to inspire the VMware partner eco-system?  You now have two opportunities to highlight your organization’s outstanding performance:

  • Submit your success story/reference for a chance to be featured in an upcoming Power of Partnership blog or video.
  • Nominate your organization for a 2016 VMware Global Partner Innovation Award for a chance to be honored at the annual VMware Partner Leadership Summit in 2017.

Remember, submitting a success story/reference or a Global Partner Innovation Awards nomination helps you:

  • Amplify your value proposition through VMware and external channels
  • Successfully market your organization
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise on VMware solutions

So don’t wait, submit your reference or your Partner Innovation Awards nomination today!

No More “One-Size-Fits-All” Demos: Get Flexibility with VMware TestDrive


Last month, we discussed how VMware Partners can eliminate the cost of building their own demo environment and accelerate selling motion with VMware’s TestDrive. All said and done, TestDrive’s fully-featured, integrated, and globally available demonstration environment is pre-configured for a simplified demo experience.

But TestDrive not only simplifies the demo experience; it also brings much-needed flexibility to the digital transformation journey. Today, BYOD means so much more than consumers bringing personal devices into a work environment. As the digital workplace has evolved, devices are now used to change business processes themselves. With so many industries striving towards mobility, we understand Partners need more than a one-size-fits-all demonstration environment.

Quickly and easily help your customers across all verticals embrace mobility and find the right solutions for their industry-specific needs thanks to a variety of pre-configured demonstrations, including:

  1. Healthcare Check in Check Out Demo

Healthcare organizations struggle to embrace mobility in a secure and manageable way that’s beneficial to the providers and patients. With VMware’s Healthcare Check In Check Out demo, guide your customers through a digital clinical workspace that moves with care providers throughout their day. With the power of a desktop on any device, whether corporate owned or BYO, VMware Workspace ONE enables easy bedside consults, ensures secure access to patient information from anywhere, saves care providers up to 55 minutes every day, all the while providing better patient care.

And with only 28% of consumers loyal to brands, this same technology is used to boost customer engagement in retail industries. VMware’s Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) enables retail associates to complete transactions throughout the store on customized tablets – improving the shopping experience by offering personalization and eliminating long lines and wait time.

Enroll and configure your iOS device for the Check In Check Out demo.

Enroll and configure your Android device for the Check In Check Out demo.

  1. Retail Kiosk Demo

 Point of sale isn’t the only way leading retail brands are deploying mobility to gain a competitive edge. Kiosk technology has evolved with the digital revolution, as well – specifically in airports, restaurants, and brick and mortar retail. With the Retail Kiosk Demo in TestDrive, retailers can see exactly how they’ll save time and money by refreshing kiosk content remotely. And they’ll improve shopper experience while they’re at it, thanks to applications like self-service checkout, gift registries, customer concierge, and more on secure devices locked in single application or kiosk mode.  Enroll and configure your iOS device for the Kiosk demo to find out more.

  1. Workspace ONE and Office 365

In 2016, almost every enterprise uses cloud-based apps – from Dropbox to Salesforce to Office 365. As these organizations race to keep up with digital transformation, maintaining different logins, passwords, and access levels with each new employee on-boarding can prove difficult. VMware has simplified this process with Workspace ONE. Using the Workspace ONE and Office 365 pre-configured demonstration in TestDrive, show customers how role-based access control not only provides access but also provisions accounts into cloud-based applications, such as Office 365. From day one, employees get the secure access to the apps they need – all with a single sign-on.

Enroll and configure your iOS device for the Workspace ONE and Office 365 demo here.

Want to guide your customers on their digital transformation?  Register to achieve VTSP Mobility today and join the vmLive session on how to demo EUC industry solutions via TestDrive.

2016 Global Partner Innovation Awards: Top 10 Reasons to Nominate Your Organization


As we move towards the end of the year, it’s time to take a moment and look back at all your achievements in 2016.  Think about how much you have accomplished this year and how that has strengthened your partnership with VMware.

To encourage you to give yourself the pat on the back you deserve, we give you the top 10 reasons to nominate your organization for a 2016 Global Partner Innovation Award today

10. Get recognized for outstanding performance in the VMware Partner eco-system

9.  Your organization could be a winner in one of 19 categories and enjoy great press throughout 2017 (winners receive a press release template) – a feather in your marketing hat

8,  It’s easier than winning an Oscar. Or having another son and naming him Oscar.

7.  Winners are honored at the 2017 Partner Leadership Summit.

6.  Because procrastination is like a credit card. Fun until you get the bill.

5.  Winners receive use of the exclusive 2016 Global Partner Innovation Awards logo for a whole       year.

4.  Winners get promoted at VMworld in 2017 and receive a pass to Partner Exchange.

3.  Get noticed at parties when you walk around with your fancy award.

2.  Your chances of winning are MUCH higher than Powerball.

1. And the NUMBER ONE reason to nominate your organization for a Global Partner Innovation Award is of course, BRAGGING RIGHTS!  Illustrate to your customers that you are recognized by VMware for outstanding performance and WIN MORE BUSINESS.

Watch as our Channel and Marketing executives personally invite partners to submit their nominations for the 2016 Global Partner Innovation Awards and get started today.



Dispelling Partner Journey Myths: How to Move from Professional to Enterprise

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.36.57 PM

As VMware continuously transforms offerings to extend customer success, we want our partners to grow with us. So, if you’re a VMware Professional Partner reading this, we’re happy to say you’re one step closer to multiplying your deal size. You might be asking yourself, “Is that for real?” The answer: yes. An average 4x increase in deal size is what VMware Enterprise Partners typically experience.

If it sounds difficult, you’re not alone in your thinking. However,  up-leveling your partnership is not as challenging as you might think. Let’s bust the three most common myths our VMware Professional Partners overcome in driving business growth, increasing deal size, and moving from Professional to Enterprise level:

Myth 1: Revenue Attainment Goals Are Too High

In many partner programs, a minimum revenue requirement is standard.  So, it’s easy to see where this myth came from. With VMware, there is zero (0$) revenue attainment to move from Professional to Enterprise partner. In other words, you can still unlock Enterprise benefits regardless of how much you sell.

Myth 2: It’s Better to Wait on Program Fee Payment

The annual program fee remains a showstopper for some Professional partners who aren’t ready to start the clock ticking on their membership. It makes sense on paper but consider this: aside from the average deal size increase, partners realize many other benefits when moving from Professional to Enterprise level. Here are a few examples:

Myth 3: Competencies are too Time Consuming

Part of our commitment to keeping partners up-to-date on solutions without demanding too much time is to put training where you need it, when you want it. Many of you are closer than you think to gaining the competencies you need to qualify. Our resources, trainings, and tests are a few mouse-clicks away.

Visit Partner University for more information on:

  • VSP – VMware Sales Professional – online
  • VTSP – VMware Technical Sales Professional – online
  • VCP – VMware Certified Professional – many trainings available on your schedule, online and on-demand with some classes requiring in- person attendance.

Next Steps:

Achieving anything worthwhile is not without effort. That’s why, when it comes to your journey as a VMware partner and your passion to grow, we’re here to help!  Find out how close you already are to qualifying as a VMware Enterprise partner. Confirm your organization has:

  1. Fully met training requirements. Visit My Programs on Partner Central and confirm completion of VTSP, VSP, or VCP.
  2. Earned sufficient solution competencies. Visit the Partner University Competency page and review requirements.
  3. Paid the annual Partner Program. Visit My Programs.
  4. Completed the VMware Ethics and Compliance training. Visit My Programs/ Compliance Accreditation to verify.

Questions?  Contact your Preferred Distributor, VMware Partner Business Manager or the Partner Support Center.

New Horizons – What Cross-Cloud Means for VMware Partners

Pat globe background VMW2016

Fresh on the heels of this week’s announcements at VMworld Europe 2016  around VMware’s Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation platform, we asked VMware EMEA experts to tell us about opportunities now available for partners.

 Why do partners need to be aware of the Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation announcements?

Taking the Cross-Cloud Architecture announcement first, it is an extension of VMware’s current cloud strategy, which has always been to give customers the tools they need to manage workloads securely across cloud platforms. What this means is that no matter what the cloud platform (public, private or hybrid) or device, customers can run, manage, connect, and secure their applications in a common operating environment.

Central to this vision is the Cloud Foundation, Te Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) platform for Private and Public Cloud. The SDDC platform provides the foundation for the Cross-Cloud Architecture, and Cloud Foundation takes the SDDC one step further by making the full SDDC stack easier to implement, deploy and manage on standardized platforms. Ultimately, we are providing all the solutions that IT needs to maintain control yet give the business freedom to innovate using all the clouds and apps available to them.

What opportunities will these announcements offer the VMware partner community?

Cloud is already bringing great opportunities for our partners across EMEA, and with the Cross-Cloud Architecture we are bringing more choice for customers. For our solution provider partners, there are opportunities to help customers integrate platforms built on the Cloud Foundation principles into their own private clouds. While this is something that is already happening through the SDDC, Cloud Foundation will make it even easier for partners to help customers take advantage of hybrid and public cloud environments.

For our vCloud Air Network service provider partners, they’ll have the chance to build these architectures into their own data centers. When Cloud Foundation is combined with Cross-Cloud Architecture, our service provider partners will enable their customers to seamlessly move workloads across any cloud environment, including other public clouds. By combining the two platforms, our partners become more strategic for their customers, providing whatever their cloud needs may be to drive their business success.

Our service provider partners have always been behind our approach to networking with our network virtualization solution NSX, and have evolved to take advantage of the additional flexibility and agility that it gives them.

We’ve now provided our service provider partners the opportunity to extend their own data centers out to public cloud providers and customers’ private clouds. Once they have that extended network, then Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation are the key parts for managing a seamless view across all these areas.

What can partners be doing now to help customers make the most of the Cross-Cloud Architecture approach?

 Underpinning the Cross-Cloud Architecture are a number of VMware solutions, and NSX is at the core of this. By virtualizing the network with NSX, it smooths the transfer of workloads from one environment to another, and paves the way for unlocking the full potential of the SDDC. NSX provides inherent security so when an application moves – security moves with it – across any cloud.

At the moment we’re heavily investing in all VMware partners driving NSX enablement to help sharpen their skills so they can make the most of this opportunity. As a result, we’re seeing broad adoption of NSX, and it is our partners that are driving this adoption.

Adoption of SDDC by our vCloud Air Network service provider partners continues to accelerate given the success our partners have with core products like vSphere. The rapid adoption of the other elements of SDDC such as NSX and vSAN, means these partners are starting to deliver on the Software-Defined Data Center vision, paving the way for where we see things going with the Cloud Foundation and Cross-Cloud Architecture.

Where can partners get access to all the VMworld Europe announcements around Cross-Cloud Architecture and how it can help customers on their journey to the SDDC?

Watch the VMworld Europe General Session playback and visit the Launch Resource Center for details on all the latest product launches to  get prepared to accelerate sales.  Last but not least, stay tuned for VMworld Europe Highlights coming up on October 24th.

EMEA Shines at Partner Exchange


EMEA partners shined in Barcelona with a record 2,500 registered attendees for Partner Exchange.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, Channel Chief Ross Brown and many other executives were on site to host the annual event. Highlights included the Partner Exchange General Session, and four Solution Keynotes.

EMEA partners had the opportunity to get a preview of the upcoming VMware announcements and what it means for their business.

Kicking of the Partner Exchange General Session, Pat Gelsinger discussed how the journey to the SDDC can now be enabled through VMware Cloud Foundation & Cross-Cloud Services which provide freedom and control and ultimately reduces TCO.   The latest VMware announcement on the partnership with AWS provided another example of how we are delivering cross-cloud architecture by offering customers cloud freedom — the freedom to innovate in multiple clouds, and the ability to run, manage, connect and secure their applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment and deliver those applications onto any device.

Pat reminded partners that “VMware Cloud on AWS offers our customers the best of both worlds. This new service will make it easier for customers to preserve their investment in existing applications and processes while taking advantage of the global footprint, advanced capabilities, and scale of the AWS public cloud.”

EMEA partners were delighted to hear that VMware’s vision for providing a full breadth of options for customers to address their individual cloud management needs is now coming to fruition.

Following the General Session, partners attended popular Solution Keynotes on these hot topics:

  • Delivering the Digital Workspace
  • Enabling Cloud for Your Customers
  • Accelerate Network Virtualization
  • VMs, Containers, and Mega-Clouds: Connecting the Dots

Partner Exchange provided partners with Program updates, prepared them for customer conversations during VMworld and enabled partners for sales success moving forward.

VMware TestDrive: Anytime, Anywhere EUC Demos

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.57.08 AM

With more mobile users demanding anytime, anywhere access, it’s not surprising that 77% of organizations are upgrading infrastructure to support a mobile business model. As a solution provider, it can be tempting to help guide customers on their End User Computing journey by enrolling them in a VMware Digital Workspace solution pilot straight away. However, focusing on proof of concept (POC) first, will ensure your customers have the right environment for their needs.

VMware partners are now able to do just that, thanks to TestDrive, VMware’s fully-featured, integrated, and globally available demonstration environment for our portfolio of End User Computing solutions. Enabling the demonstration of fully functional VMware Workspace ONE, Horizon, and AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management implementations, TestDrive is the ideal way to show customers exactly how the adoption of VMware Digital Workspace strategies and solutions improve their specific security, management, usability, and flexibility needs.

TestDrive enables digital workspace success and accelerates selling motion by:

  1. Providing a self-service, friction-less platform

This cloud-hosted environment is prefigured for a simplified demo experience. With the complete VMware EUC portfolio at your fingertips, you are in the driver’s seat; the password-protected online portal is controlled by you. Guide your customer through the latest VMware Digital Workspace technology or assign time-limited access directly to individual customers and prospects so they can try it out for themselves.

  1. Eliminating the cost and hassle of building your own environment

Showing prospects what VMware Digital Workspace technologies look like is far more effective than presenting another PowerPoint. However, building your own in-house demo capability can be challenging. With TestDrive, receive free-of-charge access to a fully-maintained VMware-hosted demo environment without worrying about infrastructure and support requirements.

  1. Offering customers convenience

In today’s ever-evolving digital workplace, it only makes sense to provide End User Computing customers with anytime, anywhere access to their demo. That way, no matter where they are, TestDrive conveniently shows VMware’s portfolio in action, virtually and realistically, which means your customers get to experience the environment without leaving their desks.  

  1. Establishing and maintaining trust with customers

Instead of rushing into pilot mode, conducting a POC through TestDrive allows you to guide your customer to a successful project by performing actual customer data and procedures. This customized approach assures management that the solution has manageable risk and high ROI for their specific EUC needs. Providing this insight to customers before they’ve committed to a project elevates your trusted advisor status and propels them to the next step: successful deployment.

Accelerate your selling motion and gain free access to TestDrive by getting your VTSP – Mobility 2016 accreditation today. And tune in to the coming up vmLIVEs to learn how you can AirWatch BYOD Solution or AirWatch Windows 10 Solution or AirWatch Unified EndPoint Management Solution using TestDrive.

The Improved VMware Partner Demand Center: A Marketer’s Best Ally


We get it. Keeping your website and social media channels up-to-date with the latest consumer relevant information can be challenging. But with 94% of B2B buyers conducting online research during the buying process, it’s no longer optional when competing in today’s market. That’s why we’re especially excited to announce our improved VMware Partner Demand Center, giving partners the ability to more seamlessly stream content directly to their website and social media platforms.

From campaign creation to management, the enhanced Partner Demand Center equips a modern marketer to operate in a digital world with tools, content, and resources that generate demand and turn prospects into customers. The updated content, functionality, and resources are all based on extensive feedback and input from our partner community.

So what’s new for partners?

  1. Improved website content

Website content syndication got a makeover. Create awareness of your website with a clean, user-friendly setup, and automatic updates.  It’s now easier than ever to embed customized VMware content, generate new leads, and follow up with prospects.

   2. New social media content library in 6 languages

Boost awareness, attract new audiences, generate leads, and nurture existing customers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Xing. With the expanded library, you can now select from 6 languages as you tap into tailored social streams and choose the best options for your business.

3. New integrated campaigns focused on joint VMware and partner priorities

Create your own integrated campaigns tailored to your audience. All available campaigns align to annual VMware and partner priorities. Leverage marketing best practices, defined calls-to-action and top assets, plus access a consistent bill of materials so you’ll know exactly what to expect each time you customize a new campaign.

4. Improved integration and automation

Save time and optimize resources by integrating Partner Demand Center marketing tactics with your marketing automation systems, including: Hootsuite, Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

5. Increased customization across all campaign tactics

Discover a more personalized experience and cobrand everything from your company’s value proposition, to your messaging and branding.

6. Localized platform user interface

Thanks to feedback from our partner community, the user interface is now localized, making the Partner Demand Center globally accessible to partners.

7. Expanded global in-language support across regional time zones

Got a question? You can now call PDC support representatives across all regional time zones to get the answers you need, exactly when you need them.

8. Improved reporting capabilities

Measuring KPIs is a breeze with updated metrics. Manage, monitor, and review campaign performance in real-time and share campaign results all within a single dashboard.

Excited to get started? Check out the Partner Demand Center getting started guide and log into the new platform to get going on your next successful campaign.

Register for one or more upcoming training sessions for an overview and demo of the Demand Center marketing programs: