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Great Things are on the Horizon with VMware and Google

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You may recall that in February of this year, VMware and Google announced an exciting partnership to modernize corporate desktops by providing businesses with secure and fast cloud access to Windows applications, data and desktops on Google Chromebooks with VMware Horizon DaaS. Well today, VMware has expanded its relationship with Google, which means some great things are on the “horizon”.

Now you can help your customers’ transition to the mobile-cloud era and modernize corporate desktops by providing businesses with secure, cloud access to Windows applications, data and desktops on Google Chromebooks with VMware Horizon DaaS.  Tell your customers about the great opportunity to take advantage of the $200 promotion on Google Chromebooks for Business with VMware Horizon DaaS (Desktop as a Service).

This unique solution empowers organizations looking for an alternative to on-premise virtual desktops or application publishing fortheir Google Chromebooks. For more information on VMware Horizon DaaS, watch the below video.

For more details about this promotion, please visit VMware’s End-User Computing blog.

- The VMware Partner Network Team

Channel Marketing and the B to B Shift

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Major shifts are happening in our industry today. Currently, 58% of all leads come from the web, and that number is expected to increase to 71% by 2015.” (Source: SiriusDecisions, Inc. [Marketing as a Strategic Tool to Drive Sales]). Today, more prospect interaction is occurring online, which is shortening the actual time for sales engagement. Buyers in the Internet age are far more educatedthan ever before, and as a result, are now in the power position as navigators of the sales cycle. So what do these shifts in the buyer/seller relationship mean to Channel marketers? It should mean they put the majority of their focus on inbound marketing and react to these B-B changes by leveraging the role of the web.

The Steps to Taking Advantage of These Changes

1.     Understand as much as possible about your buyer and their purchase process in order tomarket your solutions most effectively.

2.     Ensure your digital presence reflects well and is aligned with your company’s brand. It is also important that you have current and dynamic content, compelling calls to action and that you are investing in SEO to ensure you are getting the mostqualified customers to your site.

3.     Generate content that points your customers to valuable information or a great resource. Videos and webcasts provide the customer a platform to talk about their pain points and how their partner’s solution helped to solve the challenge at hand.

4.     Take your assets to market. The recommended best practice is to do this by sprinkling your content over influencer blogs, partner blogs, social media, analyst blogs, association sites, content curators, YouTube and Wiki’s to name a few, that always link back to your website. 

How to Apply These Changes

Today your marketing efforts matter more than ever before as the purchasing pendulum continues to swing. Given our collective increased dependency on digital marketing, there is a great opportunity to improve a prospective buyer’s experience on your website and ensure they are getting the information theyneed. In return, you are securing the most qualified leads to your site.

Developing a strong digital strategy is a critical part of any marketer’s arsenal. Customers will be able to find you in their searches and use your content and resources to help guide their choices. It will also help position your company as a trusted thought leader in the industry by providing customers with solutions that address their pain points, and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

- VMware Partner Network

V to the Power of Cloud

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As your customers continue to incorporate cloud computing as part of their IT strategy, compatibility, extensibility and reliability are key frames of reference used to identify suitable cloud service providers, quite possibly like your company. Can you stand out verses the competition? VMware makes the search easy for customers with their vCloud Powered Service Provider technology badge for VMware Service Provider partners.

This badge indicates that a service provider has a validated “Infrastructure as a Service” public cloud offering built on a VMware platform aligned to a specific definition. It also provides a level of assurance to the end customer, that their workload will utilize the same VMware architecture off-premise as they are running in their own virtualized data centers. The net result is easy provisioning of cloud resources that are compatible with existing infrastructure, to quickly and securely extend an internal virtualized infrastructure into the cloud.

Partners who successfully validate their vCloud service offering are eligible for promotion within VMware’s global portal and in addition will receive a logo, which can be used to support end-user marketing and awareness activities.

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How to Power Up

Receiving your vCloud Powered status is a relatively simple and painless process. Each partner must be part of VSPP with a minimum monthly commitment. Assuming the partner meets that level, they can visit our vCloud Validation site to start the process.  The vCloud Powered Service Validation Tool tests the partner’s cloud service to verify it meets the following conditions:

  • The cloud service must be built with and operated using VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud director
  • The vCloud User APIs must be exposed to cloud tenants
  • Cloud tenants must be able to move virtual workloads packaged with the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) version 1.0
  • The ability to upload OVFs built with virtual hardware version 9
  • A test verifies the existence of a publicly available vCloud Director organization configured with: 
  • A user with credentials
  • An organization virtual datacenter (Org VDC) with a direct connected Org VDC network bridged to the External network (no edge gateway), a private catalog to which the test user has read/write access and a Linux vApp template in the catalog configured to make a direct vApp network connection to the Org VDC network, receive inbound SSH connections and have outbound access to the Internet.

If you’re a service provider but not a VSPP member, join now.  If you’re already in the VSPP program and not vCloud Powered, don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity to grow your business.  Power up today with VMware vCloud.

- The VMware Partner Network Team

Staying Connected With Desktop as a Service

Admit it, each of us has been guilty of looking at our phones more often than the person we are actually supposed to be enjoying dinner with. Today, being “plugged in” and connected 24-7 is not only considered normal, it is almost expected.

With the explosion of mobile devices and 24X7 connectivity now readily available, more and more business is handled on the go.  As a result, the traditional corporate desktop environment is shifting to a new paradigm. End users are now more remote than ever before, yet still need to access inside-the-firewall corporate resources. Enterprise IT is under immense pressure to enable this new mobile workforce, while ensuring that corporate data and applications are secure and also controlling the costs associated with the management of a production of end user devices.

Luckily, there is a solution to this IT issue. By partnering with a provider who candeliver “Desktop as a Service” (DaaS). DaaS enables enterprise IT to purchase Windows desktops and applications as a subscription without the overhead of deploying and maintaining virtual desktop infrastructure.

Traditionally delivered via a subscription model, DaaS has unique requirements that cannot be met by simply employing traditional desktop virtualization technology.  VMware’s Horizon DaaS platform was purpose-built for service providers with a robust, secure, scalable and cost-effective platform for delivering cloud-hosted virtual desktops.

So how does a solution provider get started with DaaS?  It’s a relatively simple and painless process.  VMware maintains partnerships with leading DaaS providers globally.  Visit  VMware’s DaaS providers to view partners and learn more about their channel programs.  As for end customers, moving to a DaaS environment is seamless and customer responsibility can include access devices, line of business applications, anti-virus/security, operation system licenses and image deployment and creation.

Desktop as a Service is clearly ready for you.  Are you ready for DaaS?  Click here to learn more and get started today.

- The VMware Partner Network Team

Evolving to Meet Customer Demands

Times are a changing! Nowadays, if you want to be considered a thought leader in your industry, you have to shift with IT and adjust to their way of doing business. Put in simpler terms – to stay relevant, you must evolve.

Customers are demanding more agility and cloud services, as well as new and innovative ways to reduce cost. VMware partners are positioned to deliver on these demands. Listen below as two VMware partners, GovPlace and SIGMAnet share their stories.

GovPlace – Solution Provider and Systems Integrator

SIGMAnet – Hybrid Cloud – Solution Provider

We look forward to growing our partnership with you.

- The VMware Partner Network Team

Do You Have what it Takes to be a VMware Certified Professional?

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Attention VMware partners! If you’re a technical professional in a VMware Premier Partner organization, now is the time to test your technical skills.

For a limited-time, we are waiving the mandatory VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage (ICM) training course for the VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization Certification (VCP5-DCV). We want to simplify the certification process for highly skilled technical professionals that have significant hands-on technical experience installing and supporting VMware virtualization solutions. If you’re a Premier Partner technical professional looking to earn the VCP certification,  take these next steps:

1. Visit the Partner Certification Acceleration Promotion page for details (must have a Partner Central account to access)

2. Take the VCP5-DCV Exam before June 30, 2014.

3. Upon passing the VCP5-DCV Exam, you will be officially VCP5-DCV certified

Don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity. The offer ends on June 30, 2014. Have any question? Be sure to leave them below and as always, keep the conversation going on Partner Link.

- The VMware Partner Network Team 

VMware’s Six Paths to Success in the Cloud

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Spring may be on its way, but it’s staying extra cloudy at VMware since partners are now enabled more than ever before to achieve success in the rapidly growing world of cloud computing. Here is a quick overview of the opportunities for success in the cloud with each of our cloud programs.

1.     The VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) enables the success of public/ hybrid cloud by providing Service Provider Partners with an OpEx strategy for investing in VMware infrastructure on a monthly subscription model.  vCloud Services deliver enterprise-class security and infrastructure compatibility together with providing customers the freedom to readily move workloads among private, public, and hybrid clouds.

2.    VMware’s Horizon desktop as a service (DaaS) platform was purpose-built for Service Providers with a robust, secure, scalable and cost-effective platform for delivering cloud-hosted virtual desktops. With a primary focus on delivering Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service to any user, anywhere on any device, the customer benefits of DaaS are extensive.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.03.32 PM

3.     The Cloud Credits Purchasing Programis also enabling cloud success for Solution Providers by enabling end-user customers to buy public/hybrid cloud services in a single transaction or an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) from VMware Solution Providers, control their consumption of the cloud and redeem the credits with approved VMware vCloud Service Providers over time. Watch the video to learn how Cloud Credits can help you – and your customers, achieve success in the cloud.

4.    VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service is a secure, dedicated infrastructure-as-a-service hybrid cloud owned and hosted by VMware, built on the trusted foundation of VMwarevSphere. The service supports existing applications and new application development, giving customers a common platform for seamlessly extending their existing data center to the cloud while leveraging the same tools and processes VMware customers use today.

5.     The VMware Hybrid Cloud Solution Competency enables partners to successfully sell cloud services and seamlessly migrate customers from physical to cloud (P2C), or migrate customers from the private cloud to the public cloud. The Competency provides the foundational training required for partners to deliver VMware Hybrid Cloud Service, giving partners the opportunity to participate and gain influence in the cloud discussion with customers. Solution Providers wishing to transact vCloud Hybrid Service need to obtain VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Solution Competency.

6.     VMware vCloud Connector links vSphere-based private and public clouds via a single interface, allowing you to manage them as a single hybrid environment. You can transfer virtual machines (VMs), vApps (collections of VMs with related resource controls and network settings), and templates from one vSphere-based cloud to another. You can also set up a content library to distribute and synchronize templates across clouds and extend a single Layer 2 network from your private data center to a vSphere-based public cloud.

From the ongoing growth and success of the VMware Service Provider Program to the VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program (launched at Partner Exchange 2013) to vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware is providing unparalleled options for all partner types in the VMware partner eco-system to succeed.

-  The VMware Partner Network Team

Grow Your Business with Virtual SAN

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Last year, VMware launched its chief solution for the virtual world of storage. Since then, Virtual SAN hit the ground running and has gained even more momentum and interest this year, with over 10,000 people joining the Virtual SAN beta. As GA nears, we’re hosting a one-hour online event for you, our partners and our customers, featuring CEO Pat Gelsinger, CTO Ben Fathi, and SDDC Suite Business Unit GM& VP John Gilmartin on March 6th 2014. These VMware executives will share exciting Virtual SAN product news, demonstrate key features, and reveal surprises. You can register for this dynamic event today.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.36.13 AM

VSAN is an essential element of the software-defined-data center. By enabling storage as software running on vSphere, Virtual SAN enables a fundamentally new way to provision and manage storage in virtual environments.

As you can imagine, growing your storage practice by targeting incremental storage products and services sales opportunities is one of VMware’s top priorities for 2014. Earn your piece of the $30 billion dollar Enterprise Storage market by:

  • Targeting incremental storage product and services sales opportunities with Software Defined Storage and VSAN.
  • Increasing deal size to new customers and selling existing customers more software, services, and support.
  • Unlocking sales opportunities that were previously blocked due to high cost of ownership for storage. This may result in selling more of our products such as View.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.39.33 AM

Be sure to join our March 6th Virtual SAN online event, and keep the conversation going on VMware’s Partner Link.

~ The VMware Partner Network Team

Partner Exchange 2014 Highlight Recap

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Trying to sum up last week’s Partner Exchange 2014 is like trying to sum up the force of gravity, the rising of the sun, or the blue hue of the sky. Okay maybe we’re exaggerating just a bit here, but it is quite difficult to put to words such a dynamic event. What continues to make Partner Exchange so successful each year, are the amazing partners that attend.

This year, each of you took a personal interest in Mastering the New Reality, and what a reality it has become. Here is a recap of some of the major Partner Exchange 2014 announcements:

·      VMware announced that it is joining forces with Google to modernize corporate desktops for the Mobile Cloud Era by providing businesses with secure, cloud access to Windows applications, data and Desktops on Google Chromebooks.

·      F5 Networks and VMware also announced a number of collaborative efforts designed to provide secure access control for customers’ virtual desktop deployments.

·      The 2014 Global VMware Partner Network Awards and Regional Award winners were announced. Each year, VMware recognizes its partners for their demonstrated excellence and achievements. Recipients from around the world in 18 categories received awards for their performance andnotable accomplishments in 2013.

·      VMware announced multiple program enhancements, new competencies and a simplified reward structure to drive greater consistency, predictability and profitability for its Solution Provider, Service Provider and Distribution partners.

·      VMware’s Virtual SAN will be certified with hardware servers and devices from several of our top alliance partners, providing customers with a wide range of options on which to run VMware Virtual SAN.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 1.38.22 PM

You will be able to relive the moment, and access Partner Exchange 2014 materials through Partner Central in March. The recordings of the General Sessions will be available before the end of February. Remember to keep the conversation going, and check for updates on Partner Link.

Once again, we would like to thank each of you for your attendance and contribution as we continue to Master the New Reality together.

- The VMware Partner Network Team

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Looking Towards Tomorrow — Partner Exchange 2014

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It’s never easy to say good-bye, especially after a long week of exciting announcements, new partnerships, and looking towards what tomorrow will bring. Partner Exchange 2014 started out as a great event, but ended as a dynamic networking forum, centered around building new relationships and nurturing old ones.

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Some key takeaways of Partner Exchange 2014 included VMware’s three Guiding Principles:

1.     Staying on the right side of technology trends

2.     Doing what’s best for the customer

3.     Enabling the partner ecosystem

Some other highlights from PEX 2014 included embracing the services model, committing to VMware and reaping the rewards, and finally, Mastering the New Reality with us.

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Our commitment to you for 2014 is to live by our EPIC2 Values and make it easier to do business with us, while enabling the ecosystem in everything that we do.

Your partnership and dedication is what makes us great, which is why we want to extend a huge thank you across the world to all of you who made this event so inspiring. Keep giving us feedback and keep the conversations going.

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And as we look toward the rest of 2014, we feel that The Fray said it best… “Never Say Never”, because anything is possible.

Until Next Year,

- The VMware Partner Network Team