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Prospecting: A Fresh Approach

We’ve all been part of sales programs where you show up to the office, are given your goal, maybe a script, and told to just start dialing. Winner gets a prize. Great. And with mind numbing repetition we comply…and then complain how taking us out of the field is counter-productive to achieving our quotas.

Forget about zombie-dialing! VMware is taking a fresh approach to prospecting. Join Brandon Sweeney and Frank Rauch at 10am pacific on April 27th to hear results from partners who are leading the charge together with their VMware counterparts.
Register for the call to get all the details and find out how combining inbound techniques with outbound discipline can help you meet your quotas.

Inbound techniques are all about positioning the right content, at the right time, to the right person to get them to engage with you. In the case of Velocity 2 Millions, we have new content and targeting profiles to help you engage customers about VMware Power Plays. Once you identify your high propensity accounts (PSMs can often help with that) your next steps are to:

• Utilize Info graphs. Use social content to share a few of the stats through LinkedIn, Twitter…wherever you are connected to your professional contacts.
• Leave a short voicemail about a key pain you helped solve for a competitor (name another client and how you helped in a couple words), and suggest a time to connect. Leave your name and number as well.
• Use the short and sweet email templates to reinforce the same points as the voicemail, and reference this is in follow-up to your voicemail. Offer a couple specific options for a short call so you can both determine if it makes sense to continue.

Outbound prospecting discipline is very much about follow-up over time. It’s not unusual to have to reach out to someone 3, 5, 7 times before they engage. Referrals absolutely help but getting to the point quickly, offering content a prospect wants, and solving a pain they have are key to getting engagement.
Some of our top partners and top account executives are masters at getting their contacts engaged. They then use assessments and promotional offers to move accounts into a sales cycle. We will hear firsthand from some of these masters on the call with Frank and Brandon.

April 27 is National Prospecting Day for Velocity 2 Millions- the culmination of prospecting prep work when appointments are scheduled and opportunities are being registered in North America. On the 10am PST call, you will hear from some of the top partners and learn about their success. A few special opportunities will also be announced to help partners maximize their wins.
Join us on April 27th at 10am PST and boost your success!

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge over Cooper River, Charleston SC

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge over Cooper River, Charleston SC

Maximize Margins

“If a man does not know to what port he is steering; no wind is favorable to him”. ____Seneca

Take a breather from the daily bustle and think for a moment about focus. As Roman philosopher Seneca alluded in the quote above, if you don’t focus, you can’t take advantage of any favorable environment around you. The same holds true for your VMware business. If you focus resources on select solutions to drive transaction business your efforts will be rewarded with increased incentives, accelerators and bookings growth.

To that end, VMware has designed Power Plays for the first half of 2016 to provide partners with a synchronized set of demand generation programs, enablement, and incentives. Current Power Plays to help maximize your margins are:
• AirWatch (note: AirWatch and Advantage+ New $1k Minimum Deal Size effective December 9, 2015. Learn more)
• vSphere with Operations Management
• Virtual SAN

Since the launch of VMware Power Plays in July 2014 we have seen a significant impact to VMware’s transactional business. Power Plays have been instrumental in helping partners sharpen focus, increase bookings through non-ELA business, and increase alignment with our joint sales goals.
Selling Power Play products enables you to unlock the highest partner incentives including product accelerators. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize margins, earn Advantage+ discounts and back-end rebates for additional Solution Rewards.
To find your focus and reap the rewards, watch the video below then visit the Power Plays page.

Solution Selling Made Easy

We all know that longer-term relationships with customers is a great way to grow sales, both now and in the future.  Those relationships drive greater profits because partners who enable customers on their journey to SDDC and Cloud deliver more robust services offerings.

Fortunately, VMware has a vehicle to help you strengthen your trusted advisor role with your customers via Value Plays.  Value Plays are prescriptive sales plays that provide an end-to-end sales motion based on solution selling.  Great reasons to use them include:

  • A more focused and shortened sales cycle
  • Get training, assets and tools all in one place
  • Get guidance/ best practices on building your own service practice
  • Drive greater profits/larger sales
  • Promote longer term relationships with customers

Take the leg-work out of solution selling with VMware Value Plays available now for:

  • Data Center Virtualization (NEW)

An SDDC architecture enables virtualization of compute, storage and networking, reducing CapEx by up to 49% compared to a hardware-defined approach. The software defined approach to the data center provides choice, security, agility and extensibility to the hybrid cloud.

  • Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations (NEW)

Combines intelligent operations management with intelligent virtual storage to help customers improve operational efficiency, meet their performance and availability requirements and accelerate decision making.

  • Digital Workspace (NEW)

Allows organizations to securely embrace SaaS mobile apps while supporting existing enterprise applications.  Gives employees freedom to be productive while maintaining data security and compliance.

  • Application & Infrastructure Delivery Automation

Comprehensive management across multi-vendor, on-premises and public cloud environments, enabling IT to quickly deliver infrastructure and applications with the control IT needs.

  • Micro-segmentation 

Data center security solution that distributes security throughout the network, enforcing security policies for each workload, and linking the policies to the servers they protect. Built on four key pillars: Isolation, Segmentation, Advanced Services and Policy Framework.

Interested in what Value Plays can do for your business?  To learn more visit  www.vmware.com/go/valueplays  and watch the video.


VMware Partner Network

Global Partner Innovation Award Winners

Earlier this month VMware hosted its first ever Partner Leadership Summit in Scottsdale, AZ.  This invite-only event was an opportunity for c-level executives from our top partners to join our corporate leaders and dive deep on VMware strategy to understand how we will jointly win in 2016 and beyond.

The highlight of the Leadership Summit was the announcement of the Partner Innovation Awards. During award ceremonies, VMware recognized both regional and global excellence across each of our routes to market. The complete list of our 2015 Partner Innovation Award winners can be found here .

Congratulations again to our 2015 award winning partners on this tremendous achievement. Honoring your outstanding performance and dedication was a pleasure. We look forward to celebrating our next partner innovation award winners in 2016 as we continue to partner closely with our channel for ongoing success.

VMware Partner Network

PLS award group photo 3-8-16 no pose

VMware: A Leader in the Rapidly Growing Hyper-Converged Marketplace

What is hyper-converged infrastructure and who is a leader you can count on?

Hyper-converged infrastructure reduces IT costs and management complexity while achieving breakthrough performance. Count on VMware, a leader in hyper-converged software with vSphere, Virtual SAN and vCenter Server, to continue the winning trend:

#1 in customer adoption, #1 in units deployed, and #1 in revenue growth.

Ongoing innovations include an even more robust set of solutions with Virtual SAN 6.2, expanded Virtual SAN Ready Node offerings, and VCE VxRail Appliance family announced this month.

Hyper-converged infrastructure eliminates the separate hardware silos that exist today for compute, storage, and networking. And we are seeing tremendous growth for Virtual SAN, which is core to our VMware Hyper-Converged Software (HCS) strategy:

  • 3,000 customers, adding ~500 per quarter
  • 20,000 units / CPU in Q4 alone
  • ~200% YoY revenue growth in Q4

The new VxRail appliances are jointly engineered, turnkey hyper-converged infrastructure appliances that are fully integrated with the best-of-breed VMware HCS and EMC’s rich data services and leading systems management capabilities. This addition to the broadest portfolio of HCI consumption options is exciting for partners because it:

  • Creates exciting new opportunities to sell into markets including enterprise core and edge, remote office, test and dev, and more price-sensitive Federal, state and local government, and higher education customers
  • Delivers flexibility, configurability, and simplicity for customers at a competitive price point
  • Leverages prior customer investments on both VCE Vblock and VMware
  • Provides a new vehicle with which partners can upsell or cross sell advanced SDDC offerings such as VMware NSX, vRealize Automation, Horizon and Horizon Air Hybrid Mode

VMware Hyper-Converged Software is positioned for ongoing leadership and enables partners to achieve success in the transformative HCI market. Learn more about Virtual SAN and VxRail Appliances. To get started, contact your Partner Sales Manager.


Frank Rauch

Vice President, Americas Partner Organization

VMware Inc.

What’s New: Hybrid Cloud and Digital Workspace Launch

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.26.35 PM

 Innovation has always been at the core of VMware’s DNA. This idea rings especially true in the light of last week’s major announcements surrounding our new offerings in the hyper-converged software space, cloud management, and end-user computing business.

Catch a replay of the electrifying 2-day online event in which the below announcements were unveiled, featuring VMware executives including CEO Pat Gelsinger: “Enabling the Digital Enterprise: Build and Manage your Hybrid Cloud.” 

Introducing the Digital Workspace 

Organizations delivering a digital workspace are enabling users to gain the greatest benefit from a portfolio of devices and applications that are increasingly diverse and heterogeneous. We aim to provide that benefit to you and your customers through the following products:

·       VMware Workspace ONE: a brand new product, which blends identity, desktop, and mobile management technologies into one simple and secure enterprise platform. Learn more in the following press release.

·      VMware Horizon 7 & Advancements in Horizon Air: enabling the industry’s fastest, easiest, and most affordable application and desktop delivery. Learn more.

We have expanded our Desktop and Application Virtualization tools even further with:

·       VMware App Volumes 3.0: modernizing application lifecycle management by simplifying application packaging, delivery, and ongoing management

·       VMware User Environment Manager 9.0: simplifying end-user profile management by providing organizations with a single, lightweight and scalable solution that leverages existing infrastructure.

·      AirWatch 8.3: A Smarter, More Secure Digital Workspace. New AirWatch release enables a unified user experience and no-password mobile single sign-on, bringing intelligent workflow templates and end-user education tools to IT leaders worldwide. 

Introducing the Cloud Management Platform and Hyper-Converged Software Strategies

 VMware’s new and improved software-defined approach can help you and your customers build and manage your hybrid clouds. These two new strategies deliver best-in-class virtualization, which will radically simplify management for your digital enterprise.

The new Cloud Management Platform strategy is centered around vRealize Suite 7, a bundle comprised of new and existing products that speeds up IT service delivery, improves IT efficiency, and optimizes IT operations and capital spending:

·      (NEW) VMware vRealize Operations 6.2

·      (NEW) VMware vRealize Log Insight 3.3

·      VMware vRealize Automation 7

·      VMware vRealize Business for Cloud 7

·      Additional DevOps Add-on: (NEW) vRealize Codestream 2.0

Furthermore, the announcement of a new release of VMware Virtual SAN last week advanced our enterprise-proven, hyper-converged software leadership:

·      Virtual SAN 6.2: extending the cost and efficiency advantages of VMware HCS by delivering up to 10x greater storage efficiency.

·      Offers consumption models such as:

o   Virtual SAN Ready Nodes

o   EMC VxRail HCI Appliance

Learn more about VMware’s Hyper-Converged Software Strategy.

The final major advancement to VMware’s SDDC products is changes in pricing and packaging. In response to market trends and customer use cases, we have simplified both the vRealize Suite and vSphere/vSphere with Operations Managements pricing and packaging structures:

·      vSphere and vSphere with Operations Management product line-up has been simplified from 6 SKUs to 3 SKUs – a good, better, best pricing and packaging structure.

·      vRealize Suite pricing and packaging structure is now aligned with 3 cloud management platform use cases: intelligent operations, IT Automation and IaaS, and DevOps-Ready IT

·      Learn more about Pricing and Packaging updates. 

Want to learn more?

·      Access the End-User Computing Partner Launch Playbook

·      Access the Software-Defined Data Center Partner Launch Playbook

·      Visit the Partner Central Product Pages

·      Attend product-specific vmLIVE sessions

·      Watch the Quarterly Partner Briefing videos

As always, leave us your thoughts below. How do you believe you can leverage these new products and solutions? We look forward to hearing how you do.

The VMware Partner Network Team

Capture Cloud Opportunities with vCloud Air

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 1.37.11 PM

The growing popularity of the cloud has introduced solutions that make the customer’s IT easier, and service offerings that grow your profit larger. The cloud has become a mainstream solution for companies seeking accessibility, efficiency, and cost savings. This represents significant market opportunity for you, our partners, when it comes to selling vCloud Air. Concentrating on your Hybrid Cloud business allows you to capitalize on the unique benefits of that industry, such as:

  • A recurring revenue model, which provides an annuity stream of consistent revenue, rather than a one-time software sale.
  • The opportunity to increase revenues through offering additional services for customers to order (like consulting), or through the customer’s need to up-scale services over time.
  • Maintain direct control over the customer relationship by managing the services offered, end-user pricing, and customer billing.

To better enable you to reach your potential for profit in the Hybrid Cloud business, we have created a new integrated campaign around extending existing applications to VMware vCloud Air. Currently, it is only available in English, but will be expanding into localized versions by next quarter. 

Integrated campaigns are an excellent and easy way for you to nurture leads to build demand and customer value. This vCloud Air campaign was designed to be customizable to you and your customers’ needs and ready to execute at any stage of the buyer’s journey. The automated flow is easily deployed with just one click on the Partner Demand Center platform, or downloadable to run on your own marketing platform.

In addition to this new campaign, we also offer website content syndication, social media syndication and telemarketing activities to use in parallel for a more cohesive marketing effort.

The first step in utilizing this great resource is by reviewing the campaign and downloading the playbook. To learn more, you can visit the campaign landing page. Then, check out how companies like VIF International or Carisbrooke Shipping were able to find success with vCloud Air services. We also have special offers that give even more reasons to make the move to the cloud.

As always, leave us your thoughts below. How have you leveraged vCloud Air and what has your experience been like? 

The VMware Partner Network Team

Supporting and Empowering the Partner Journey

Communication and teamwork are key to any successful venture. At VMware, we are committed to providing our partners with a best-in-class experience. Last year showed great commitment from both sides of our partnership, which we hope to elevate through continuous improvement. The first step to making real, value-added change is to listen.

By taking our annual Partner Relationship Survey, you have a direct impact on the development of the program. Tell us what we could do to better serve your needs and how you feel we can make the relationship stronger. If you have something you don’t think is working or you would like modified, that is valuable information as well. We’re serious about success, so the feedback we receive is actively used to make swift changes to the program. Last year, the results of the survey drove the following improvements:

  • Creation of the VMware Vision & Strategy Learning Path enabling you to deliver VMware’s company strategy and product plans;
  • Increased partner profitability with the Partner ELA Rebate; and,
  • Sharpened focus & support on VMware key initiatives through VMware Power Plays and Value Plays.

Help us understand how we can make your business with VMware more consistent, predictable, and profitable. Watch the short message above from our SVP of the Worldwide Partner Organization, Ross Brown, as he shares his perspective on partner relationships. Please use the link you received via email between January 15-19th to complete the survey, as it is unique to you. If you cannot find the email, please use this generic link. For your ease and convenience, we have localized versions of the survey. A mere 10 minutes of your time will result in a huge benefit to the program.

The short survey will close on February 5th, so there is limited time left for your voice to be heard. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page. Again, thank you for your commitment to this partnership.

The VMware Partner Network Team

10 Things to Know about Data Security and Sovereignty in the Cloud

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 3.47.42 PM

As seen on MSPmentor

What do Edward Snowden, the U.S. PRISM scandal and the corporate data hack on Sony Corp. have in common? All involved breaches in data security and sovereignty. While the cloud offers many benefits–such as cost savings, scalability and flexibility–there are also added risks. Data security always tops that list of risks.

To combat these risks, it’s crucial for service providers to have a fundamental understanding of data security and data sovereignty. Use these 10 facts as your foundation to ensure you’re offering customers the best security, reliability and performance in the market.

1. Data sovereignty is the concept that digital data is subject to the laws or legal jurisdiction of the country in which it is stored.

2. 64% of organizations cite the issue of compliance, auditing and privacy as the biggest security challenge associated with cloud computing. (For more info, check out the CipherCloud survey on cloud data protection.)

3. It is important to know that data is subject to the laws of other countries, if it is being stored by a foreign company. For example, if an English company is using a data center located in England, but the data center is operated by an American company, that data is subject to the U.S. Patriot Act and can be accessed without the company’s permission or notification.

4. Countries such as Canada, Germany and Russia are drafting stricter data residency and sovereignty laws, which require data to remain in country in order to protect their citizen’s personal information.

5. The concept of the national cloud where data is held within a country, run by local companies, and is (only) subject to national laws is gaining traction.

6. Local cloud service providers that own and operate public clouds can offer their customers the assurance that their data will be secure and private because it is stored and managed by a national company. This may be a key differentiator for service providers in the EU and other countries with strict privacy and data sovereignty laws.

7. Cloud service providers are also differentiating their offerings through specialization in vertical industries such as healthcare, finance and education, where specific compliance expertise and certification is required.

8. Organizations are responsible for securing their data in a way that renders it meaningless if breached.

9. Gartner defines this type of security solution as a cloud security gateway: “Cloud security gateways are on-premises or cloud-based security policy enforcement points placed between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers to interject enterprise security policies as the cloud-based resources are accessed. Cloud security gateways consolidate multiple types of security policy enforcement.”

10. For customers who realize the benefits of cloud computing, but are restricted in terms of which cloud they can move to since they may not be able to retain data sovereignty, there is a solution. With the vCloud Air Network, together, VMware and our partners canaddress the challenges of data sovereignty with partners in more than 100 countries.

Learn more about the VMware vCloud Air Network Program, and check out vCloudProviders.VMware.com to see how we’re promoting our ecosystem of service providers. Be sure to follow @VMwareSP on Twitter or “like” us on Facebook for future updates.

The VMware Partner Network Team on behalf of Melissa Ross

VMware’s 3 Big Bets for 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.49.19 PM

The year 2015 has brought a lot of unique opportunities and potential changes to VMware’s business. These strong winds of change helped us close out Q4 with a bang, and it’s that same momentum that is going to take us to the next level in 2016 — both in terms of the growth acceleration and maturity of our innovative product line (including NSX, VSAN and AirWatch), as well as for Partners as they emerge and grow in each of these spaces.

Looking forward, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that these are the same paths that technology is heading toward in 2016. CEOs, across the board, are actively looking for ways to streamline workloads, bullet-proof their systems and transform their entire organization to support Enterprise mobility. While these routes create tremendous opportunities for building profitable businesses with VMware and leverage current and future partnerships that the company is investing in, our big bets for 2016 can be found in capitalizing on these initiatives.

At VMworld this past year, I shared with the Partner community our company’s new vision for IT based on “One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device.” In it, I announced the following top priorities or best bets, designed to help Partners develop and cultivate a rewarding and sustainable business practice with support from our organization:

  1. Predictable Profitability. Throughout the coming months, Partners will see several projects rolled out to create a more consistent rhythm and method within our partnerships, both in terms of rebates, rewards and incentives and extending into interactions with our field and support teams. As Partners find deals and create opportunities (regardless of their region or geo), you will know exactly how the approval process works and how you’ll be rewarded for your investment in VMware.
  1. Creating Value in Our Partners’ Businesses. At VMware, our Partners are not an extension of our sales force. Our Partners are our sales force, and, many of you are taking the next steps to create your own consulting services engagements. To this end, we are excited to offer a new Partner Professional Services Program complete with training opportunities to improve services and sales capabilities, access to VMware expertise for sales and delivery support and expanded program benefits focused on driving your profitability with VMware. Programs like this create value in our Partners’ businesses and are paramount to our mutual success.
  1. Rewarding Healthy Growth. Looking specifically at expanded offerings for 2016, our Partner Business Managers have made it their top priority to determine the right areas for growth based on your current business model and capabilities. Should you offer NSX if networking isn’t the primary strength of your core business? Does your forte in mobility align with your VMware accreditations? Which solutions round out your go to market strategy? For each of our Partners, the answers to these questions pave the way for healthy growth in 2016 and beyond.

Which best bet will be the most impactful for your 2016? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Ross Brown, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Partners and Alliances at VMware