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Geneve, VXLAN, and Network Virtualization Encapsulations

In this post, Bruce Davie and T. Sridhar of VMware’s Networking and Security Business Unit take a look at a proposed a new encapsulation protocol that would standardize how traffic is tunneled over the physical infrastructure by network overlay software.


For as long as we’ve been doing Network Virtualization, there has been debate about how best to encapsulate the data. As we pointed out in an earlier post, it’s entirely reasonable for multiple encapsulations (e.g. VXLAN and STT) to co-exist in a single network. With the recent publication of “Geneve”, a new proposed encapsulation co-authored by VMware, Microsoft, Red Hat and Intel, we thought it would be helpful to clarify a few points regarding encapsulation for network virtualization. First, with all the investment made by us and our partners in developing support for VXLAN (described here), we very much intend to continue supporting VXLAN — indeed, we’ll be enhancing our VXLAN capabilities. Second, we want to explain why we believe Geneve is a necessary and useful addition to the network virtualization landscape.

Read the rest of Bruce’s blog on the Office of the CTO blog here.

Video Interview with Martin Casado on Network Virtualization

In case you missed it at Interop Las Vegas this year, VMware’s Martin Casado joined Rajiv Ramaswami of Broadcom and Rajeev Nagar of Microsoft on a great networking panel moderated by 451 Research Chief Analyst Eric Hanselman.  You can see the full session here.

After the session, Martin sat with Steve Wylie, GM of Cloud Connect, to talk about the evolving definition of software-defined networking, the changing network architecture and the new voices in networking.