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VMware @ OpenStack Summit Hong Kong

Next week in Hong Kong, the VMware team will have a major presence at the OpenStack Summit, and we have an ever-growing presence on the agenda of speaking sessions and demos. As we did with the Portland show, he is a show planner with a schedule of all the VMware sessions. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect (and experience) at the show. Continue reading

A New Voice In Networking – The Network Virtualization Blog

Martin Casado, chief architect of networking here at VMware, probably made the understatement of the year in his blog post ahead of Interop Las Vegas when he wrote, “It is a very exciting time to be in networking…” The fact of the matter is we’ve entered into a transformative period in networking unlike anything we’ve seen since the invention of Ethernet. A new group of companies young and old focused on network virtualization are challenging networking’s historical operational model, and leveraging the power of software to help networking move into the 21st Century. We’ve seen this before. Read on to learn more…

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