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vRealize Code Stream Special Offer


 We have news on a special limited VMware offer around vRealize Suite and products! vRealize Code Stream Special Offer If you are purchasing vCloud Suite, vRealize Suite, or vRealize Automation before September 15, 2016 you will be entitled to a 10 OSI License of vRealize Code Stream 2.1  plus basic support.   Existing customers who purchase Read more...
vRA-NSX Together

VMware NSX and vRealize Automation a Mutually Symbiotic Relationship


by Rich Bourdeau Someone recently asked me if NSX drove vRealize Automation sales or if vRealize Automation drove NSX sales?  The answer is neither product drives the other because purchase decisions are typically made for different reasons.  However, VMware NSX and vRealize Automation do have a mutually symbiotic relationship and the results you can achieve using Read more...

Upcoming Webinar: vRealize Automation + Cherwell IT Service Management


Embracing the trending concepts of DevOps and big data analytics successfully does not happen overnight. IT needs the flexibility to adjust to efficiently automate business processes and services. In order to do so effectively, IT must be able to quickly provision the infrastructure, applications, and other resources needed to deliver business services. Join us for Read more...


Getting More Out of vRealize Operations: Day 2/3 Operations


By: Ryan Cartwright, VMware Senior Systems Engineer & David Kruse, VMware Staff Systems Engineer Getting More Out of vRealize Operations webinar series is kicking off the 3rd Quarter 2016 with a session called Day 2/3 Operations on July 13th, 2016. Best practices on what you can achieve on Day 3 will be discussed after you Read more...

Intro to Networking and Security Automation with vRA


(this article was originally posted on Networking and security automation — and specifically the use of on-demand services — will continue to play a more significant role as NSX (and network virtualization in general) continues to become more and more prominent. Customers are still trying to understand the impacts of app-centric networking and whether or not Read more...
Wireless laptop computers with people on monitor screen linked in a hierarchical tree network. Conceptual vector illustration for high tech virtual meeting and networking technology isolated on plain grey background.

F5 and Blue Medora deliver a new F5 Content Pack for vRO!


By Matt, Quill, F5 Networks Data center automation is one of the hottest trends in IT. Given ever tightening CIO demand to ‘do more with less’ IT organizations need to automate their deployment and configurations as much as possible.  The vRealize suite of products form VMware is one of the most commonly used automation and Read more...