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Predictive Analytics: Protecting the Health of Your Cloud

With so much business critical action in the cloud, the last thing you want is for your Operations team to fail to identify an impending outage.

Using predictive analytics in VMware vRealize Operations Insight:

  • Quickly analyze both structured and unstructured data to forecast and resolve issues
  • Automate solutions to improve future response times
  • Optimize capacity on the fly
  • Reduce OpEx and CapEx and increase Cloud ROI

Click here or on the screenshot below to download a free eBook on Predicting the Health of Your Cloud.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.30.14 PM

Making Hybrid Clouds Run Like A World-Class Athlete

It’s no secret that IT executives face significant pressure to transform their enterprises into more efficient, effective and productive operations. To satisfy these demands, IT executives must shape up the way they create and manage hybrid clouds.

What do we mean by this? In this visually engaging and interactive infographic, IT executives can explore how VMware’s new cloud management platform, vRealizeTM Suite, enables enterprises to perform like world-class athletes.

Click here or the screenshot below to experience how vRealize Suite is purpose-built for the hybrid cloud.

Making Hybrid Clouds Run Like a World-Class Athlete

Introducing VMware vRealize™ Suite – Purpose Built for the Hybrid Cloud

vRealize Suite, VMware’s new cloud management platform, is an entirely new way of managing private, public, and hybrid clouds, offering:

  • On-demand service delivery & release automation
  • Capacity and resource optimization
  • Predictive analytics and self-learning management
  • Service costing and metering

Click here (or the screenshot below) to view this free presentation and learn how VMware’s new cloud management platform is enabling IT to meet the demands of a hybrid-cloud era.Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.29.25 AM

Announcing Best Cloud Management Marketplace Solutions – VMworld 2014

VMware Solution Exchange VSX

VMware Cloud Management Marketplace on Solution Exchange

VMware Cloud Management Marketplace is a thriving marketplace of trusted solutions and partner integrations that extend the capabilities of Cloud Management products to third party technologies to enable end-to-end operations intelligence and comprehensive visibility into your IT infrastructure.

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Introducing vCloud Automation Center 6.1

By Rich Bourdeau

Cloud AutomationvCloud Automation Center 6.1 continues VMware investment to deliver an extensible, multi-vendor cloud automation frame work that allows IT to deliver personalized business relevant infrastructure, applications and other IT services with the least amount of effort and lowest amount of risks.  New capabilities of the 6.1 release help VMware maintain its position as the premier cloud automation solution.  Enhancements in this release can be grouped into the one of the following three categories:


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Why You Need a Cloud Management Platform to Achieve IT Agility

Today, Ramin Sayar, SVP & GM, Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware, made some key announcements at VMworld, and outlined in this blog post. They include VMware vRealize Suite, VMware vRealize Operations Insight, and and VMware vRealize Air Automation. You can read about vRealize Operations Insight in the blog post by Himanshu Singh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware. In this post, I’d like to provide you with more information about the center-piece of today’s announcements…vRealize Suite.

Introducing VMware vRealize™ Suite, Essential capabilities for delivering and managing multi-vendor cloud services.

The accelerating pace of business has resulted in pressure on both application development and IT to be more agile and responsive. Therefore it is not surprising that when most companies first deploy a self-service, on-demand, cloud infrastructure they start with automating the initial provisioning of infrastructure services to support new development efforts.

However, increasing agility and speed with a Software Defined Data Center without sacrificing security, control, and service quality requires more than fast deployment.  It also requires a fresh look at the full life-cycle of modern application and infrastructure services.  Capacity management, performance monitoring, configuration control and ongoing maintenance and support activities need to be unified.  They need to leverage the power of automation to streamline and standardize functions.  And they need to support physical infrastructure, multiple virtualization platforms, and diverse private and public cloud services.

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Introducing VMware vRealize Operations Insight!

Folks, today, Ramin Sayar, SVP & GM, Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware, made some key announcements at VMworld, and outlined in this blog post. They include VMware vRealize Suite, VMware vRealize Operations Insight, and VMware vRealize Air Automation. You can read more about the vRealize Suite in an upcoming blog post by Sajai Krishnan, VP Product Marketing, Cloud Management Business Unit. In this post, I’d like to provide you with more information about a very important piece from today’s announcements…vRealize Operations Insight!

I am thrilled to share that today we are launching VMware vRealize Operations Insight 5.8, a unified IT operations and log management solution for performance management, capacity optimization, and real-time log analytics, using predictive analytics leveraging both structured and unstructured data, for proactive issue avoidance and faster problem resolution. It is available as an add-on to VMware vSphere with Operations Management (“vSOM”).

For businesses of all sizes using VMware vSphere, who are concerned about application downtimes, return on IT investment, and capital expenditure, vRealize Operations Insight (“vROI”) is the IT operations and log management solution that delivers intelligent operations and policy-based automation from apps to storage across physical and virtual infrastructure. vROI extends intelligent operations management beyond vSphere to include operating systems, physical servers, storage and networking hardware, and is supported by an extensive marketplace of extensions for third-party tools, including Microsoft SCOM, NetApp, Brocade, EMC, Cisco, and others. vROI includes two components – VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite Advanced and VMware vCenter Log Insight.

Here’s a quick list of capabilities provided by vRealize Operations Insight (vROI):

  • Performance and Infrastructure Health Management: Predictive analytics and smart alerts drive proactive identification and remediation of issues.
  • Capacity Planning, Modeling and Optimization: Automated capacity optimization and planning increases resource utilization.
  • Real-Time Log Analytics: Universal log collection with real-time monitoring, search and log analytics enables faster problem resolution.
  • Application Dependency Mapping: Simplifies and accelerates root-cause analysis.
  • OS Monitoring: Monitors operating system resources – CPU, disk, memory, network, for Windows and Linux systems.
  • Storage and Network Visibility: Provides SAN Storage analytics and is extensible with data feeds from third-party storage and network monitoring tools.
  • vSphere Hardening, Change, Configuration and Regulatory Compliance: Automated detection and enforcement of standards to ensure compliance.
  • Unified Management through an Open and Extensible Platform: Full visibility from apps to storage – for vSphere and physical hardware, supported by extensions for third-party tools, like Microsoft SCOM, and others.

The infographic below provides an overview of how vRealize Operations Insight (vROI) can help customers simplify IT operations management in their data centers. It highlights the key issues customers are trying to deal with, showcases the features and capabilities of the solution, and also includes some key metrics on benefits that customers can realize.

For complete details, resources, purchasing information, as well as a free trial of vRealize Operations Insight, visit the website.

vRealize Operations Insight - Dreaming of Simplifying Your IT Operations Management

vRealize Operations Insight – Dreaming of Simplifying Your IT Operations Management

Download Infographic: vRealize Operations Insight – Dreaming of Simplifying Your IT Operations Management

- Himanshu (@himanshuks)

P.S. – You can follow #vROI, @vCenterOps and @VMLogInsight for the latest updates through this week at VMworld, and beyond.

Part 2 of HP and VMware: Operational Insight with vCenter Ops and Log Insight for HP Converged Systems

Last month HP and VMware announced exciting news about the integration of HP’s Converged Systems management plane OneView and vCenter Operations.  Oneview provides streamlined management with unified processes, UI, and APIs across server, storage and networking.  This unification of server, storage and network form a management plane point of view is what makes this vCenter Operations integration extremely interesting.

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Your vCenter Console Just Got More Powerful (Part 1 of HP and VMware – OneView)

For more than 14 years, VMware and HP have been working together to help customers realize the benefits of virtualization. Our two respective companies have recently reached another milestone in our efforts to simplify infrastructure management and move customers toward a software-defined data center. Last September, HP launched HP OneView, the first infrastructure management software platform that is designed around how users, not devices, interact with complex and highly dynamic systems. This platform unifies processes, user interface (UI), and application programming interfaces (APIs) across server, storage and networking and includes software-defined process templates for “get it right” repeatability every time, reducing your risk. Everyday tasks and collaboration are much more automated, natural and streamlined, simplifying the management of compute, network and storage resources in physical and virtual environments.

HP Oneview graphic

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Manage Your Templates!

Hey, have you seen my Windows 2012 template?  Which one, you ask?  Simple, I just mean the one with SP1.  No, not .NET SP1…  I mean the one with WINDOWS SP1, and just plain ol’ .NET 4.5.  What?  NO, not the one with IE 11!  Seriously, you know none of our apps work past IE 8.  Wait, which version of Java??  WHO runs that version!?  You didn’t put that into the MASTER template, DID YOU!!??

When template sprawl gets out of hand, maintaining all the variations and keeping track of all the things that are in this template but not in that template can turn into a real mess.  Fortunately, as vSphere Admins, we are responsible for keeping order; it’s our duty to rein things in every now and again.  My goal for this article is to pass along a few tips to help you maintain some control over your VM templates.

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