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Mandarin Articles introduced to the Knowledge Base

Today we would like to introduce our Mandarin speaking customers to our first set of freshly translated Knowledgbase articles These articles have been carefully chosen from our vast repository due to their popularity and usefulness. Subscribe to this blog to receive notifications of more translations as they become available.


English title English KB number Mandarin Title Mandarin KB number
Overview of VMware tools 340 VMware Tools概述 2020928
Moving or copying vitual disks in a VMware environment 900 在VMware虚拟环境下移动或拷贝虚拟磁盘 2020929
Cleaning up after incomplete uninstallation on a windows host 1308 Windows主机上未完全卸载后的清理 2020930
Adjusting ESX host time zone 1436 调整ESX主机时区 2020931
VMotion CPU Compatibility Requirements for Intel Processors 1991 Intel处理器VMotion CPU的兼容性要求 2020948
Windows XP setup can not find any hard disk drives during installation-reviewed 1000863 Windows XP安装程序在安装过程中无法找到任何硬盘驱动器 2020953
Renaming a virtual machine disk(VMDK) via vSphere Management Assistant(vMA) or vSphere CLI(vCLI) 1002491 使用vSphere Management Assistant(vMA)或vSphere CLI(vCLI)重新命名一虚拟机磁盘(VMDK) 2020958
Recreating a missing virtual machine disk(VMDK) descriptor file 1002511 重建丢失的虚拟机磁盘(VMDK)描述文件 2020962
Testing port connectivity with Telnet-Revised  1003487 使用Telnet验证端口的连通性 2020963
Injecting SCSI controller device drivers into windows when it failes to boot after converting it with VMware converter 1005208 使用VMware Converter转换后的Windows虚拟机无法启动手动加载SCSI控制器驱动程序 2020967
Time keeping best practices for Linux guests-reviewed 1006427 Linux系统时间同步最佳实践 2020975