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Resolution Path KB articles – the best thing since sliced bread

You’re all familiar with the VMware Knowledgebase, but do you know what a Resolution Path KB is?  Well, it’s a very special kind of KB article, and we’ve incorporated Mind Maps into them too, but more on that in a minute.

Resolution Path KBs are collections of modular steps that can be used to solve tech support issues. Being modular, they can be re-used in other resolution paths. A good example is using the ping command to test network connectivity. This step is used in all kinds of troubleshooting procedures. Put a number of these steps together, and you can create sets of very methodical troubleshooting steps.

Mind Maps are a visualization of our Resolution Path KB articles, which help you understand the organization of how it all fits together.

Here are our KBs that are Resolution Paths. You should keep these links close at hand for the products you use. You’ll be surprised at how many common issues are covered in these.

  1. Troubleshooting ThinApp Issues
  2. Troubleshooting Storage Issues
  3. vSphere Install Troubleshooting
  4. Vsphere Licensing Troubleshooting
  5. Resolution Paths for VDR Issues
  6. Resolution Paths for VMware Site Recovery Manager Issues
  7. Unpresenting LUNs from ESX/ESXi 4.x
  8. Resolution Paths for OS Issues
  9. Resolution Paths for Converter Issues
  10. Resolution Paths for Lab Manager Issues
  11. vSphere Troubleshooting Network Issues
  12. VMware View Resolution Paths
  13. vSphere Troubleshooting Management Issues
  14. VMware Update Manager Resolution Paths
  15. VMware Fusion Resolution Paths
  16. VMware Workstation Resolution Path
  17. Fault Resolution Paths
  18. Capacity Planner Resolution Paths

How to Manually Uninstall VMware Fusion 4

Greetings KBTV fans!

Today we have a new video tutorial for you. This video will demonstrate how to manually uninstall VMware Fusion 4…not that you would ever want to do something like that…why would you want to uninstall something as beautiful and amazing as VMware Fusion 4?  🙂

The truth is, every now and then there does in fact arise a need for you to uninstall software such as VMware Fusion 4 from your system, For instance, when you want to upgrade your system or when you want to sell your system to one of your friends but you don’t want your friend to get their hands on your favorite virtualization platform!

We have a similar video for uninstalling VMware Fusion 3. The procedure for uninstalling Fusion 4 is actually quicker and easier than that of Fusion 3. 

For additional instructions and information be sure to check out VMware Knowledge Base article Manually uninstalling VMware Fusion (1017838)

Well, enough rambling and on to the goods!

Here is the video…..

My VMware Simplifies Everything

As more and more of you are signing up to the My VMware beta to get a first glimpse of new and exciting features, we are busy tweaking things to just they way you want.

Launch is fast approaching, and we’ve put together a brand new 10 page slide-deck that demonstrates just how much we have simplified things when it comes to user experience. Take a peek and tell me you’re not looking forward to this! Better yet – sign yourself up for the beta! We still have plenty of spots open.

  My VMware features   My VMware features


Show me more of the slides!


Sign me up for the beta

What are VMware Global Support Services?

Here is a video on how the entire Global Support Services group here at VMware is organized to get you the technical support you need from VMware. Learn about Support Days, a very popular seminar style event we offer, as well as all of the social support channels we offer including Twitter, Facebook, Communities, and our blogs.

Some of you will have seen this video before, but it's a good one to show to our newer subscribers.


Angela Jaques is a Director in Global Support Services at VMware.

Medieval Helpdesk

A little humor today.  An oldie but goodie, originally taken from the show "Øystein og jeg" on Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK)in 2001.

How to copy a virtual machine in VMware Fusion 4

We are a few weeks into the new year but the KBTV crew thought that it would be nice to wish all of our viewers, subscribers and friends a very Happy New Year..belated ones count, right?

To kick off this new year we are going to be uploading several videos over the coming weeks. To start us off, here is a video covering our VMware Fusion product.

In this video we look at copying a virtual machine in VMware Fusion 4. In this tutorial you will see how to copy the virtual machine as well as some best practices and tips which will help you out.

This video is based on VMware Knowledge Base article Copying a virtual machine in VMware Fusion (1001524).


What are we Missing?

Social Media Specialist at VMware Rick BlytheThis morning while going about my duties monitoring various social media I picked up a Tweet from a customer indicating he had just gotten past a particularly nagging problem during one of his upgrades. What caught my eye being a representative of the Knowledge Management team here at VMware was the fact that he cited a blog post (not one of ours) as having the fix he needed, and as well, pointing out that his problem was not found in our Knowledgebase.

This was enough for me to pounce on the opportunity to fill a gap in our arsenal of KB articles. I have a whole team of subject matter experts at my disposal whose sole task is to author new KB articles. We also have an elaborate workflow process wrapped around every aspect of what we do. In a matter of minutes I had a work item in the hopper to be processed by one of our technical experts, to be then sent through a team of technical writers for final edits, and then on to final publishing in our Knowledgebase.

I Tweeted back to this customer that we were taking action too. One more opportunity to (hopefully) exceed expectations!

Most of our KB content comes from our support engineers manning our phones in our call centers, but a significant number also come from this customer driven discovery process. It's a win-win for us.

If you ever need a fix for something we have not covered in the KB, we invite you to simply ask for it!

Visit Knowledge Base Content Request

Scheduled Maintenance – January 20

VMware will be performing a system upgrade to several VMware web applications on Friday, January 20, 2012 from 7:00PM until 11:00PM Pacific Time.

If you need to file a support request while the upgrade is in progress, you will need to call VMware Technical Support for assistance. Our global toll-free numbers for support can be found at: http://www.vmware.com/support/phone_support.html

These system upgrades are part of our commitment to continued service improvements and will help VMware better serve your needs. We appreciate your patience during this maintenance period.

Top 10 most viewed KBTV videos of 2011

Here is a ranked list of our 10 most viewed videos in 2011. See one you may have missed?

  Title Related KB
Number of Views
1 How to upgrade to VMware ESX 4.1 and ESXi 4.1 using VMware Update Manager 1022140 49,549
2 How to change the IP address, hostname, and gateway of the Service Console in VMware ESX 4309499 29,529
3 Licensing VMware ESX, ESXi, vCenter Server 1010839 28,545
4 How to install Windows XP as a guest operating system in VMware Products 1000863 26,731
5 How to upgrade to VMware ESX 4.1 or VMware ESXi 4.1 using esxupdate 1022140 25,755
6 Best Practices for using VMware Converter 1004588 25,397
7 How to use Tech Support Mode in VMware ESXi 4.1 1017910 24,795
8 How to install and configure the VMware View 4.5 Connection Server 1030727 24,524
9 How to enable SSH login for a root user in VMware ESX 8375637 23,933
10 How to configure NIC teaming in VMware vSphere 1004088 23,376


vCenter Database Pre-Upgrade Checker Released

In the past, upgrading versions of VirtualCenter or vCenter Server sometimes meant a time consuming call into Tech Support because of an issue here or there related to the SQL databases that support these products.

For everyone dealing with upgrades we've released a Pre-Upgrade Checker that you can run on your current vCenter Server database to reveal problems that could prevent the upgrade or impact the performance of your database after the upgrade.

The Pre-Upgrade Checker can be used for the following upgrades:

  • On a VirtualCenter 2.5 Update 6 or later database before you upgrade to vCenter Server 4.x
  • On a vCenter Server 4.0.x database before you upgrade to vCenter Server 4.1 or 5.0
  • On a vCenter Server 4.1.x database before you upgrade to vCenter Server 5.0

We have written KB article 2004286 – Using the VMware vCenter Database Pre-Upgrade Checker, which explains how to use the VMware vCenter Server Database Pre-Upgrade Checker version 1.0.

A recommended read.