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Monthly Archives: September 2009

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Hot Snow Leopard/VMware Fusion KBs

Snow Leopard is the hot new incarnation of Apple’s OSX, and also hot are a couple of new Knowledgebase articles we have written to address some glitches with it. These two KB articles are really getting some traction, having been accessed dozens of times and rated highly by customers (through our Star Rating System).

If you’re using Mac OSX Snow Leopard with Fusion, check these two articles out. They might just save you a call into support.


  1. Mouse in Fusion 2.x stops responding (1014029)
  2. Cannot launch VMware Fusion 1.x when using Snow Leopard  (1014031)

Update Manager now Supports more Databases, Operating Systems

Just wanted to highlight one new KB article that recently got published, that is Database and Operating System compatibility for VMware vCenter Update Manager 4 (1012971). This article lists all of the operating systems and SQL databases that are now supported.

Note that this is in addition to the previously published vSphere Compatibility Matrixes pdf.

Those of you using VMware vCenter Update Manager will want to read it.

Database and Operating System compatibility for VMware vCenter Update Manager 4

Heavy Hitters for Hosted Issues

Following along with our Heavy Hitters series, today’s post focuses on Hosted issues. Hosted is a name we gave to problems that occur in a product of ours that runs on top of another OS, and is therefore hosted by that OS. This includes:

  • Converter & VI 3.5 Converter ACE / Workstation
  • VMware Player
  • VMware Server
  • Fusion
  • Capacity Planner
  • LifeCycle Manager
  • Windows Toolkit / Studio
  • Stage Manager
  • Thinstall
  • Dune (VS-O – Virtual Service Orchestrator)

Here are the most used KB articles for these products:

Article # Title
1005466 Downloading, verifying, and installing Fusion
1003484 Troubleshooting startup issues or manually reinstalling Fusion
1004870 Troubleshooting an Unrecoverable Error in VMware Fusion
1001354 Manually removing VMware Tools for Windows
1003861 Verifying the integrity of hosted virtual machine parent disks
1005483 Converting physical computers or other virtual machines into Fusion virtual machines
1012933 VMware Server 2.0 is not available for download or installation
1004974 Unable to install a guest operating system from CD-ROM
1005934 Troubleshooting a Workstation runVM failed unrecoverable error

Popular KB Updated: Purging old data from the database used by vCenter Server

One of our frequently used Knowledge Base articles, Purging old data from the database used by vCenter Server (1000125) has just been updated for vCenter Server 4.0 and contains new scripts which you can run on your SQL database to shrink it.

Support gets a lot of calls about database file growth.  Both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server scripts are included.

Database purging scripts

Caution: The scripts attached to this article are intended for execution by database administrators (DBAs) who are experienced with using database client tools to execute SQL commands. The purpose of the scripts is to delete data. VMware strongly recommends that you stop the VirtualCenter Server service and make a full, reliable backup of your database before attempting this process.

Top 20 articles for August 2009

Here is our monthly update of the Top 20 KB articles for the month of August.

  1. Upgrading to ESX 4.0 and vCenter 4.0 best practices (1009039)
  2. Installing ESX 4.0 and vCenter 4.0 best practices (1009080)
  3. Best practices for using and troubleshooting VMware Converter (1004588)
  4. Downloading, verifying, and installing Fusion (1005466)
  5. Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support (1003212)
  6. Consolidating snapshots (1007849)
  7. Decoding Machine Check Exception (MCE) output after a purple screen error (1005184)
  8. Restarting the Management agents on an ESX Server (1003490)
  9. Verifying ESX virtual machine file integrity (1003743)
  10. Troubleshooting Adding an ESX Server Host to a VMware High Availability Cluster (1001596)
  11. Increasing the amount of RAM assigned to the ESX Server service console (1003501)
  12. Troubleshooting startup issues or manually reinstalling Fusion (1003484)
  13. Powering off a virtual machine hosted on ESX host from the command line (1004340)
  14. VMware ESX and ESXi Comparison (1006543)
  15. Troubleshooting SCSI Reservation failures on Virtual Infrastructure 3.x and vSphere 4.x (1005009)
  16. VMotion CPU Compatibility – Migrations Prevented Due to CPU Mismatch – How to Override Masks (1993)
  17. Virtual machine does not power on because of missing or locked files (10051)
  18. Pegasus (cimserver) memory leaks reported in ESX 3.5 Update 2 and later (1009607)
  19. Upgrading an ESX 3.x virtual machine to ESX 4.0 (1010675)
  20. Service mgmt-vmware restart may not restart hostd (1005566)