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Top Tech Trends in Retail: IT Leaders Reveal their Biggest Priorities

Just the other day, I was asked, “What brought you to VMware?” I was shocked when I did not have an answer right away. Don’t get me wrong; there were lots of reasons going through my VMware Retail Solutions Interactive Story Graphichead, including the great culture, integrity of the people and cutting-edge technology, to name a few. However, the question had me thinking. What was the number one reason that brought me here?

Suddenly, the answer occurred to me: The number one reason I came to VMware was our customers and their stories. I knew that if I could find a company where customer success stories were positive and uplifting, the employees and the company would also be successful.

Fast forward as I sit here today on the other side. I am proud to say these reasons have held true. We succeed only when our customers succeed, and that is why it has been our mission to empower our customers to meet their toughest technology challenges. It gives me great reward to listen, collaborate and build with our retail customers and the teams that support them here at VMware.

In fact, this past month we hosted an executive dinner in Columbus, Ohio. A small group of retail IT decision makers had a peer-to-peer discussion on the technology, mobility and security trends within the industry. This was a great opportunity to come together on anything and everything retail, especially occurring on the heels of National Retail Federation’s annual conference.

Top Trends in Retail: IT Leaders Share their Priorities

During our dinner, we heard common themes around the need to transform legacy retail infrastructures into cloud-based infrastructures that support digital strategies. Retail CIOs and IT leaders are shifting to the digital workspace.

On the grand scale, retail technology leaders are looking to enable these five priorities: Continue reading

VMware AirWatch Announces Same-day Support for iOS 9.3

Following closely on the heels of today’s Apple Special Event, VMware AirWatch announced same-day support for iOS 9.3 in its enterprise mobility management (EMM) console.

AirWatch’s iOS 9.3 highlights include (supervised devices only):

Per-app notifications: iOS 9.3 & AirWatch

  • Streamlined workflows: Enable total customization of a single iPad or a fleet of iOS devices on the home screen layout.
  • Easily locate lost devices: Easily locate a missing device, without requiring the device to use an Apple ID or be manually setup with Find My iPhone.
  • Shared and personalized devices: In situations where multiple users share the same device, such as education, AirWatch administrators can use the “Show/Hide” restriction in the EMM console to show or hide apps based on the logged in user’s profile.
  • App Notification Controls: To tailor the user experience, IT can customize app notification settings for any managed app, such as notifying an end user of a new work order or a student of a assignment.

Dive deeper into all these features and many more on the AirWatch Blog: VMware AirWatch Supports iOS 9.3.

Introducing Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode

By: Shikha Mittal, Senior Product Line Manager, VMware

Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode

Virtual desktops have provided undeniable benefits to organizations for years, helping to save money and increase productivity. However, the consistent feedback has been that desktop virtualization solutions are complex to set up and manage, resulting in high capital and operational costs.

We are excited at VMware to change all of that by introducing Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode, a hybrid cloud software service hosted by VMware which enables organizations to deliver virtual desktops and manage applications from on-premises infrastructure, while centrally managing it all from the cloud.

Best of On-Premises and the Cloud


Figure 1: Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode Schematic

Continue reading

Virtualizing ArcGIS Pro with a Dell Rack-Mounted Appliance and NVIDIA GRID

By Cedric Courteix, End-User-Computing Technical Alliances Manager, VMware

How Much Fun Do You Have Playing with LEGO?

I certainly enjoy building complex LEGO structures with my kids…but when it comes to virtualizing desktops for 3D-graphics applications like ArcGIS Pro from Esri, I think we all agree that keeping it simple is the best approach.


Dell, Esri, NVIDIA, and VMware have come together to create a unique bundled solution that allows you to relax and enrich your user experience.


This combined solution, led by Esri, can accelerate your geographic information systems (GIS) application deployment. The features of this solution are

  • Improved reliability

    • Avoids hardware incompatibility
    • Delivers predictable performance to your GIS professionals
  • Simplified administration – The combined integration of this multi-vendor platform guarantees

    • Faster implementation
    • Optimized hardware resources
    • Reduced administrative learning curve
  • Better user experience

    • Smooth graphical-map display to enhance user satisfaction
    • Improved user collaboration
    • Defined number of supported users

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Get Inspired at Autodesk University with VMware, NVIDIA and Dell

This week we kick off Autodesk University in Las Vegas, where thought leaders and innovators involved in design share their perspectives, insights and vision. This year, VMware and NVIDIA are especially excited to be central to those discussions, in partnership with Dell. Together, we’re redefining how organizations transform mission-critical workflows in manufacturing, product design, architecture, engineering, construction and more into a truly agile enterprise—one without borders or limits to productivity.

AU Las VegasYour Graphics Workstation—Liberated! Continue reading

You’re Invited to EUC Insights 2015

EUC Insights 2015 is the only online event that is wholly focused the biggest trends and influences on today’s end-user computing landscape. And you can get a free pass to this exclusive business mobility event by registering here on the VMware EUC blog. Register free today!

EUC Insights: Challenges, Initiatives, Solutions
Exclusive Online Event
Tuesday, November 3rd
11 a.m. – 4 p.m. EST

VMware EUC Insights 2015EUC Insights 2015 Agenda Continue reading

By Chris Dong, Business Analyst & End User Experience Intern, VMware


We’re excited to launch a new blog series entitled Fearlessly Innovating with Socialcast showcasing the successes of Socialcast as part of the broader VMware community. Socialcast by VMware, a leading enterprise social networking platform, is used by thousands of VMware employees each and every day. Each month, we will highlight how the Socialcast platform is transforming communication and collaboration across the company, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and transparency. Socialcast is enabling VMware to succeed in an increasingly competitive IT landscape – and with even more robust features around the corner, this is just the beginning.

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Case Study: Socialcast gives students, professors, and professionals the right tools for solving real-world design challenges

Washington State University (WSU) is a nationally recognized research university providing world-class education to more than 26,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students enrolled in ten different colleges.

As part of their Senior Design Curriculum, students from WSU’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science needed a simple and intuitive platform to support collaboration between students, faculty, mentors, and sponsors. The tool also needed to be safe enough to ensure the privacy of sensitive intellectual property provided by the sponsoring companies.

After selecting Socialcast by VMware, participation grew rapidly as students discovered it was a very efficient platform and replaced meetings with a real-time activity stream of sharing documents, posting comments, adding suggestions, and sharing ideas. It also gave professors the ability to bring teams together and visibility in observing all facets of student performance.

Today, Socialcast enables WSU engineering students to do the following:

  1. Collaborate outside of traditional meetings
  2. Keep project-related information and conversations in one easily accessible common workspace
  3. Spend more time focusing on real solutions to real problems, and less on busy work

With Socialcast, WSU student engineering teams are able to collaborate at deeper levels and produce more thoughtful solutions for companies and institutions through the Northwest.

Continue reading the full case study on Washington State University and their deployment of Socialcast to dramatically improve team productivity. Learn more about Socialcast here.

A New Platter Of Releases Ready for Summer!

Shankar IyerBy Shankar Iyer, VP of Product Management, Desktop Solutions, End-User Computing, VMware

It’s not yet summer but we’re already serving up some hot updates to several EUC products.

We introduced VMware Horizon 6.1 last quarter and we’re back on our regular quarterly cadence of updates with innovations in several areas of our product portfolio.

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VMware To Offer Standard Business Associate Agreement for VMware Horizon Air

By James Millington, group product line marketing manager, End-User Computing, VMware and Josue Fontanez, product line marketing manager, End-User Computing, VMware

Today, we are excited to announce that VMware will soon be able to offer a standard Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to enable healthcare organizations to use VMware Horizon Air to realize the many benefits of having their desktops and applications delivered from the cloud. The BAA requires solution providers and healthcare organizations using their solutions to safeguard protected health information (PHI) in accordance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines.

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