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Get Up to Speed on the Latest in Business Mobility at vForum Online – VMware’s Largest Online Conference!

Looking to build organizational knowledge around new insights and tools from VMware, but can’t break away from your desk? We have just the event for you! Registration is now open for vForum Online—VMware’s largest online conference.

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Pruning the App Volumes SQL Database

By Gina Daly, Technical Writer for Technical Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

With significant contributions from

Jason Marshall, Manager, Product Engineering, End-User Computing, VMware

Growing up, we had a small flower garden, which my mother proudly kept. The rose bushes stand out in my memory—vibrant, colorful, and, more often than not, taller than me. Without regular pruning, these rose bushes would have caused a multitude of problems.


Like pruning a plant to maintain health, the VMware App Volumes SQL database requires pruning to keep it in perfect working order. The Knowledge Base (KB) article Pruning the VMware App Volumes SQL database details how you can keep your database in tip-top condition by pruning certain tables. Continue reading

VMware User Environment Manager 8.7 Is Ready for Windows 10

By Andy Morris, Sr. Product Line Marketing Manager, Horizon FLEX, EUC, VMware

It’s only been a few months since VMware acquired Immidio and we’ve readied yet another release for you to enjoy. You can download the new User Environment Manager 8.7 now.

What will you get for your efforts? Quite a lot actually, starting with Windows 10 support.

Obviously, we improved our support for Horizon View, but for those of you on another path, you’ll be pleased to know that we also improved our Citrix support. In fact, regardless of how you consume Windows, whether it be VDI, physical or mobile, there’s something new in the policy engine for you.

The User Environment Manager 8.7 highlight reel for this release includes:

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Education at VMworld – where innovation is the norm

By Preston Winn, Director Education Solutions, EUC, VMware

I was a first-time attendee at VMworld 2015. While I love trade shows for all their energy and fun, what I love most is that they bring us together to interact with people who use our product. Ultimately, the event provides an opportunity to dig for feedback on how we can do things better for our customers.

After Sunday morning’s fun run across the Golden Gate Bridge with a friendly customer from Belgium, I checked out the venue at the Moscone Center. Um…wow! I’ve been to the largest educational trade shows on the planet, but VMworld rivals the biggest. The masses of people, the backpacks and lanyards everywhere, the conversation about some highly technical bit of the VMware stack between two guys blocks away from the Moscone Center, all of it put me in the mindset I would need Monday afternoon to lead an education panel discussion. But what really got me was the image below. Continue reading

Bringing New Meaning to “Mission-Critical” – Powered by VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID

By Matt Coppinger, Director Technical Marketing & Enablement and Tony Paikeday, Sr. Product Line Manager, EUC, VMware

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has come a long way in the last 7 years. Formerly the domain of task workers with a small suite of rudimentary clerical apps, VDI can now be found across every use case in the enterprise, from mobile users to designers and engineers, thanks to the advancements we’ve seen in delivering an uncompromised user experience that rivals physical.

Nothing speaks more about the incredible user experience now available with VDI than the serious workloads customers are deploying using Horizon 6 with NVIDIA GRID vGPU. Now with the introduction of NVIDIA GRID 2.0, that experience just got better with 2X performance and 2X scalability.

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Top Takeaways for Retail from VMworld

By Paige Handza, Vertical Market Manager, Retail, EUC, VMware

San Francisco was buzzing as more than 23,000 people came together to participate at VMworld, VMware’s annual global conference. VMworld brings together VMware experts, customer speakers, industry colleagues and partners come together to share the latest innovations and thought leadership topics.

I had the honor to attend this year’s event as a representative for the retail industry, and I could not be prouder of VMware and the support and value we are driving to the retail community. Throughout the event the mantra One Cloud, Any App, Any Device – Ready for Any was reiterated, and my major takeaway from the conference along with that of many other individuals was “The VMware community is ready for anything the present and future holds.”

Screenshot 2015-09-15 14.52.57

In the End-User Computing for Retail community, this means that we are ready to modernize store operations, enhance customer engagements, and help retailers train and communicate with employees anytime from anywhere and improve security and PCI compliance for the business. This was validated on Tuesday in an interactive session where we discussed a range of topics from automating store server deployment, application re-platforming and mobility in the stores. There were representatives from 16 different retailers including Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Kroger, Kohls, Southern States and Lids in attendance along with many more.

Top retail takeaways from VMworld include:

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VMworld: “Embracing Federal Mobility” Session–A Day in the Life of Federal IT

By Pam Takahama, Director Solutions Marketing, EUC, VMware

With standing room only, the “Embracing Federal Mobility” session demonstrated how pioneers in federal IT are driving transformation within their agencies. In the few minutes leading up to the session, attendees shared a glimpse into federal IT challenges:

  • Think security: When’s the last time Edward Snowden visited your offices?
  • Think dynamic: Enabling remote access on aircraft carriers to submarines, no problem!
  • Think responsibility: Have you ever tried repurposing a 7 year old device to save costs?

It’s no wonder mobile initiatives are top of mind for federal IT: a recent survey from Meritalk, a government IT network, suggests that 49% of Government Managers believe mobile technology can contribute significantly towards productivity (source: AOL). And, when coupled with potential cost savings for federal mobile computing it’s impossible to ignore the following:

  • 57% Real Estate/Facilities Reduction
  • 42% Software Licensing Costs per Employee
  • 27% Training Costs
  • 35% Help Desk/Support Costs
  • 49% Net Hardware Costs per Employee

But as they say, “99 percent of all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story.” Let’s hear what the panel, led by Douglas Bourgeois, Vice President of Federal End-User Computing at VMware, had to say.

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Technical Overview of the Horizon Air Summer 2015 Service Update

By Simon Le Comte, Sr. Manager Horizon Air Architects Team, EUC, VMware

We’re excited to have announced the Summer 2015 update to Horizon Air. For the Summer 2015 update, we really wanted to focus on enhancing the user experience and improving IT administration time. Let’s take a look at the new features.

Next Generation Admin Console

The new “Administration Console” is now cleaner, faster and allows for easier workflows so that administrators can achieve more in less time. Key new features include:

  • More efficient deployment tasks
  • Easier administration of your deployment
  • Expanded reporting and monitoring
  • Application and desktop assignment workflow improvements
  • Automatic registration of RDSH remote applications in an application catalog

horizon air console

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VMworld Tuesday recap: EUC shines in General Session, announces new innovations

End-user computing stole the show during VMworld Day 2, thanks to a superb keynote delivery from Sanjay Poonen, complete with an exciting new partnership announcement, product updates and integration demos. Watch the full keynote below!

Read on for a recap of today’s General Session highlights, interspersed with some reactions from attendees on Twitter.

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EUC at VMworld Monday recap: Applications and Unified Hybrid Cloud dominate the conversation

More than 23,000 people have flooded the Moscone Center and the streets of San Francisco as VMworld 2015 has taken over the city. The first General Session of the week set the tone for an event focused on fast-paced innovation and transformational technology. Read on below for a recap of highlights from the General Session, the EUC Spotlight Session and a handful of other EUC sessions that grabbed our attention today.

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