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Introducing VMware Horizon FLEX

By Gina Daly, Technical Writer for Technical Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

Do your employees want to use Macs in the workplace? Do you want to say ‘Yes’ to a BYO program? Perhaps you are hiring more temporary and contract staff? However, you struggle with balancing corporate access and corporate compliance…

VMware Horizon FLEX is an exciting new product that addresses these use cases and more! Horizon FLEX was announced at VMworld Europe 2014 and will be generally available soon. The VMware Horizon FLEX Solution Brief discusses the enterprise use cases solved by Horizon FLEX, as well as how it works and a sample of some of the functionality. Continue reading

VMware Horizon Client for Mac Is Ready for OS X 10.10

By Kristina De Nike, Product Line Manager, End-User Computing, VMware

No need to be alarmed. Apple has announced that Mac OS X 10.10 is available. But if you are running the latest Horizon Client for Mac, version 3.1, you do not need to change anything. The current client works beautifully with Yosemite and looks beautiful doing it.


Figure 1: Horizon Client for Mac in Front of Seamless Horizon Hosted Application (Windows Chrome)

For weeks, we have been testing the Horizon Client 3.1 with the OS X Yosemite beta. Now that OS X 10.10 has shipped, we can confirm that the Horizon Client for Mac that we shipped in September is fully compatible.

If you are not running the latest Horizon Client, download the Mac client from the Horizon Client download page.

For more information about the Horizon Client and View virtual desktops, see Horizon with View.

VMware Fast Track 2.0 Program: New Proven Storage Solutions to Accelerate Your Horizon Deployment

By Mason Uyeda, Senior Director, Industry Solutions and Technical Enablement, End-User Computing, VMware

Horizon has long been recognized for its ease of deployment, manageability, and predictability…all critical factors in the world of IT. These attributes have helped make Horizon with View the market-leading VDI product that it is. But the importance of these same factors applies to other infrastructure components, especially storage. Feedback from customers has typically been that storage is one area where they would like to see improvements in ease of deployment, predictable scale and performance, and, of course, lower costs.

To help tackle these challenges, we have created Proven Storage solutions in the VMware Horizon Fast Track 2.0 program. Continue reading

VMware Horizon FLEX Makes VMware the Vendor With the Most Comprehensive Virtual Desktop and App Portfolio

Sumit DhawanBy Sumit Dhawan, SVP and GM, Desktop Products, End-User Computing

Coming off of the tremendous momentum of VMworld U.S., here we are at VMworld Europe 2014! I have been to Barcelona about half a dozen times and it is always great to spend time here – great vibe with interesting architecture, delicious tapas, beautiful flamenco and more. In the midst of all this, I am pleased to share some exciting announcements we made today for End User Computing products and services.



It’s only been 6 weeks since our last VMworld where EUC made several exciting announcements that included the introduction of the brand new VMware Workspace™ Suite, an integrated platform that combines AirWatch mobile and content management with Horizon virtual desktop and applications to deliver a unified end-user experience. Also, we announced our acquisition of CloudVolumes to provide real time application delivery and in conjunction, showcased our next-generation desktop paradigm with Project Meteor to deliver Just-In-Time (JIT) Desktops.

We continue to believe that mobility is driving change from traditional PC-centric architectures to the mobile-cloud architecture. In the new world of mobile-cloud, customers can easily adopt a device agnostic strategy and deliver their corporate apps and data securely from any cloud. We are continuing to push the pace of innovation and keeping our foot on the pedal to deliver the best solutions to our customers for this journey.

Today, we made several announcements including the introduction of a new product in the VMware Horizon® family ­– Horizon FLEX™, a new service – VMware Horizon Air™ Desktop DR, integration of VMware App Volumes with Horizon Enterprise, and the further expansion into Europe (France and Germany) of our cloud hosted end-user computing services.

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VMware Horizon Air Adds New Cloud Service for End-Users

Erik FriebergBy Erik Frieberg, VP of Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

Hola from Barcelona! It’s about 70 degrees and a bit humid here in the city… and it feels like I haven’t left Palo Alto. Regardless of how similar the weather might be, Barcelona is one of a kind when it comes to its food and hospitality. That’s why this has always been one of my favorite cities to visit every year.

Today at VMworld Europe, we introduced VMware App Volumes and VMware Horizon® FLEX™, and Sumit Dhawan has written a great, high level wrap up of the these new products. If you want a deeper dive into the new VMware App Volumes product or Horizon FLEX, you can read a blog post by Harry Labana and Kit Colbert.

What I’d like to do is give you more insight into our hosted cloud services and a brand new service, VMware Horizon Air™ Desktop DR.

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Real-Time Application Delivery and Lifecycle Management with VMware App Volumes

harry-labana headshotBy Harry Labana, vice president of products, End-User Computing, VMware

Tectonic shifts are taking place globally that require businesses to quickly adapt to change and shift cost to activities that increase productivity. Traditional approaches to application delivery and lifecycle management, designed for the distributed computing era will not scale for modern enterprises.

This is placing new demands on IT that require them to provide instant service delivery in a world in which change is constant.  This requires reimagining application delivery and lifecycle management for the enterprise.

I’m delighted to share that following the acquisition of CloudVolumes in August 2014, we will be launching a VMware-branded version of CloudVolumes called VMware App Volumes in late Q4 2014, the fastest integration in VMware End-User Computing (EUC) history.

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Alarms in Mirage 5.0

By Sachin Sharma, Product Marketing Manager, End-User Computing, VMware

It has been a few months since we released Horizon 6, yet it feels like it was just yesterday! With all the activities since the release (webinars, workshops, road shows, and so on), I have had little time to blog about one of my favorite aspects of the Horizon 6 release—Mirage 5.0.  Mirage 5.0 introduced several new features, including Windows 8.1 support and enhancements to the Mirage Gateway. I would like to tell you about one of the cool new features that might have gone unnoticed, but which can help desktop administrators in a big way—alarms. Continue reading

USB 3 Device Redirection Now Available with VMware Horizon with View Virtual Desktops

By Alexander West, Technical Writer, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware, and Peter Brown, Senior R&D Manager, VMware

We are all familiar with using USB devices on our laptops and desktops. With the USB device redirection capabilities of VMware Horizon with View, end users can use those same USB devices with their View virtual desktops.

But that is old news. Here is the exciting part: In addition to USB 1 and 2 devices, USB 3 devices are now supported with a combination of View Agent 6.0.1 and Horizon Client 3.1.

But before we get to USB 3 device redirection, let us take a look at USB device redirection in View. Continue reading

Mirage Large-Scale Reference Architecture Available

By Stephane Asselin, End-User Computing Architect, Technical Enablement, End-User Computing, VMware, and Gary Sloane, Consultant, VMware End-User Computing

The long-awaited VMware Mirage Large-Scale Reference Architecture is now available!

It reflects over five months of testing and includes data that will be useful to anybody planning to migrate large numbers of desktops—think hundreds or thousands—from XP to Windows 7. By “anybody” we mean not only the large customers we originally had in mind but also those who can apply our large-scale techniques and results to medium-sized implementations.

It will also be useful for those who need to migrate from Windows 7 to Window 8 or perform related tasks, such as backup management and image management.

We should note that large-scale backup and migration require substantial investments in IT, historically requiring separate tools for backup and for PC lifecycle management. This paper demonstrates how Mirage eliminates the need for separate tools, while protecting the customization, applications, and data that personalize each end-user system. Mirage also minimizes end-user downtime and time required from IT resources. Continue reading

CloudVolumes at VMworld Europe

vmworld blog banner

By Sachin Sharma, Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

It’s been a month since VMworld 2014 US. Over 23,000 attendees came to San Francisco and witnessed the exciting new announcements VMware made during that week (you can read more on these here). Announcements on the End-User Computing front included EVO: RAIL, Project Meteor and Workspace Suite. We even announced an exciting addition to our portfolio with CloudVolumes, for just-in-time application delivery to virtual desktops.

In fact, CloudVolumes was the talk of the show. And even if you missed the live demo at VMworld, you can see my colleague Ashutosh Joshi demonstrate CloudVolumes here. You can also see John Dodge walk through a whiteboard video and Rory Clements demo CloudVolumes application provisioning to Horizon desktops.

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