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3 Game-Changing Windows 10 Benefits for Unified Endpoint Management

windows 10 benefits vmware end user computingMicrosoft launched its Windows 10 Anniversary Update a few weeks ago, and the massive Windows 10 benefits for end-user computing (EUC) just got even bigger.

Windows 10 was the catalyst for what we in the EUC industry waited for years to finally achieve. Windows 10 is such a big deal for our industry, because it practically eliminates the need for desktop and mobile silos in IT. You don’t need one silo for Windows PCs, another for mobile and another for apps. All of this comes together in one management structure with Windows 10.

We here at VMware call this unified endpoint management (UEM). What that means is a single, dynamic operating environment for ALL devices and ALL apps, with security and identity deeply integrated throughout it all. Windows 10 is a huge part of that next-generation unified architecture.

Here are the three game-changing Windows 10 benefits for UEM:

1. Cost/Complexity of Apps & Patch Management

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Dispelling 6 Common Myths of Application Management

The world of virtual desktop (VDI) and published/remote application environments has certainly come a long way. Centralized and server-based computing started out with apps being executed on vmworld 2016 square CTA learn moreservers and published for end users to access locally. Then came desktop virtualization in the form of both persistent and non-persistent pool deployments.

Today, we are on the cusp of an even more exciting desktop and app delivery model called just-in-time delivery, powered by instant clone capabilities on platforms like VMware Horizon for VDI and published apps. All of these technologies are in place because they provide several benefits for IT, including easier app/desktop management and security. But even with all these innovations that have come along the virtual desktop and published app journey, challenges on how to best deliver and manage apps in these environments are still present. Continue reading

VMware App Volumes 2.11 Technical FAQ: Newly Updated

The newly available VMware App Volumes Technical FAQ includes updates to existing questions, in addition to new questions relating to VMware App Volumes 2.10 and VMware App Volumes 2.11.

Here is a preview of some changes to the document:

  • Machine-based AppStack assignments take precedence over user-based assignments
  • Since App Volumes 2.10, performance has greatly improved
  • App Volumes 2.11 introduced support for instant clones
  • The App Volumes Backup Utility Fling allows AppStacks and writable volumes to be backed up and recovered

Eager for more details? See the updated VMware App Volumes Technical FAQ.

Here’s Your Fast Last-Minute Checklist for VMworld 2016

We’re just a week from the kickoff of the leading global conference for enabling the digital enterprise, VMworld 2016, in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay, Aug. 28–Sept. 1.

The countdown is on! Here’s your last-minute checklist to ensure this year’s VMworld event is the best yet.

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It’s Here! VMware vForum Arrives in Boston & Denver in September

Register for VMware vForum

Don’t miss out on the VMware vForum in Boston and Denver on Sept. 15 and 22, respectively!

register here vmware cta buttonIf you’re in the area, register to attend the Boston vForum or the Denver vForum to explore new releases of VMware technology. Our experts will dive into the solutions to help you succeed in the new digital economy across cloud, virtualization and mobility.

Want to learn about cyber security and how to protect your business from hackers? Global “white hat” hacker Kevin Mitnick will speak on The Art of Deception: How Hackers and Con Artists Manipulate You, and What You Can Do About It.

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Symphony Out of the IoT Stampede

by Harish Venkitaramanan, Office of the CXO, VMware

The Internet of Things (IoT) Drives a Fascinating Pace of Business Innovation

Internet of Things IoT architecture VMware

Companies across industries are using IoT to both differentiate their products and improve operations. For example, automakers are offering customers IoT-based enhancements to product safety and customer experience. Predictive maintenance enabled by sensor based analytics ensures that issues are caught well before highway failures. Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates allow customers to enjoy the latest features without their cars ever leaving the garage. Manufacturing companies are rushing to develop IoT-based smart factories that increase yield. Real-time failure identification allows manufacturing to discard parts quickly without expending extra resources in their completion.

It is a small wonder that companies are rapidly embarking on this path. The value to consumers is too compelling—and the benefits to the businesses are equally convincing. Continue reading

5 New Tools & Tech to Secure BYOD for the Digital Workspace

Secure BYOD VMware digital workspaceFor those of us who have turned technology into a career, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept is now almost over-discussed. But here’s the *fun* new BYOD reality for those of us in the enterprise tech world::

The architecture you deploy today needs to securely enable devices that have not yet been invented.

Here’s the good news, the light at the end of the security tunnel: This road is quickly becoming less bumpy for those ready to re-think legacy computing strategies and turn to the digital workspace. To secure BYOD and future-proof your end-user computing (EUC) strategy, new innovations were launched this year to make secure BYOD a reality.

Here are the five new digital workspace tools and tech innovations you need to secure BYOD: Continue reading

Top 10 Can’t Miss EUC Sessions at VMworld 2016

It’s that time of year again! You guessed it: VMworld 2016.

VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas will be four full days of innovation to accelerate your journey to a software-vmworld 2016 square CTA learn moredefined business—from mobile devices to the data center and the cloud. With the theme of “be_ TOMORROW,” attendees can discover the technology, trends and people who are shaping the future of digital business. The event is four jam-packed days of general session keynotes, hundreds of panels, breakout sessions and labs.

Our VMware End-User Computing (EUC) team has been working hard to prepare exciting new content and demos for VMworld 2016:

  • Latest trends and tech in EUC
  • Common challenges due to an ever-evolving technology landscape
  • Solutions that help solve those challenges

With nearly 100 EUC sessions planned, how do you choose? Here is my take on the top 10 can’t miss EUC sessions at VMworld 2016. Continue reading

[Infographic] Optimizing Secure Mobility in Retail

According to IDC research, 53% of retailers report that mobile is a top priority. Forty-five percent implement mobile capabilities, and 33% are actively working on more than two mobility projects.

Explore the biggest threats and mobile security trends in retail in the IDC infographic below.

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VMworld EUC Keynotes You Don’t Want to Miss

vmworld 2016 square CTA learn moreWe are a little over two weeks away from one of the biggest events in the technology universe: VMworld.

For our end-user computing (EUC) pros, VMworld is packed with breakout sessions, expert speakers and hands on experiences. The biggest news will be shared on the main stage. And you really don’t want to miss hearing this massive, industry-changing news as it happens.

Here are the EUC keynotes you don’t want to miss.

Don’t wait! Click here to register for VMworld in Las Vegas, Aug. 28-Sept.1.

Competitive Advantage in the Multi-Cloud Era

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