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Deep dive into VMware solutions across the software-defined data center (SDDC), end-user computing (EUC) and the hybrid cloud at vForum Online. Sign up to attend vForum Online on Nov. 3 to access over 60 VMware experts across nine content tracks to answer your questions in real-time.


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New VMware Horizon Air Updates: 11 Feature Enhancements to Boost Cloud-Hosted Desktops & Apps Experience

We’re excited to announce the latest VMware Horizon Air updates. For this release, we focused on both what-is-vmware-horizon-air-daasadministrative enhancements and end-user experience. Here are 11 key Horizon Air updates and feature enhancements for this release:

  1. Administration console improvements
  2. Image sync across pods in the same data center
  3. Image Upload Service (beta)
  4. In Guest Agent improvements
  5. VMware Blast Extreme protocol
  6. HTML access portal for end-user access
  7. VMware Identity Manager support (beta)
  8. Multisite redirect for multiple data center tenants
  9. Real time audio-video (RTAV) with HTML access and RDSH
  10. File transfer with HTML access
  11. Flash redirection

1. Administration Console Improvements

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8 Recommendations for a Secure Digital Workspace [Whitepaper]


This is the third blog in a series for The Digital Workspace Checklist, a new whitepaper from industry analyst Ovum. Read the first and second blogs here. Access the full checklist here.

The digital workspace is the next evolution in end-user computing, but what does it look like? What should you look for in a secure digital workspace?

Find out in this preview of a chapter from The Digital Workspace Checklist.

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VMware Horizon Security Updates: Common Criteria Certification & Client v4.2.1 for Android

At VMware, we continually strive to provide secure software to our customers. In that spirit, we are pleased to share that VMware Horizon attained Common Criteria certification. This is an internationally accepted standard. To quote from its website:

“IT products and protection profiles which earn a Common Criteria certificate can be procured or used without the need for further evaluation. It seeks to provide grounds for confidence in the reliability of the judgements on which the original certificate was based by requiring that a Certification/Validation Body (CB) issuing Common Criteria certificates should meet high and consistent standards.”

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[Free eBook] Secure Digital Workspace for Dummies Guide

What is the digital workspace? What will a digital workspace do for your IT organization and your business?

Get a crash course on the secure digital workspace and how to do it right from the start with a new VMware Special Edition of the Secure Digital Workspace for Dummies, by our own experts Pam Takahama, Josue Fontanez and Tricia Stream.


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Hack Away with VMware’s Little IoT Agent (Liota) at ELCE in Berlin

Talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere! VMware is taking on IoT, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

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Must-Watch Video: 3 Questions with David Pogue & Sanjay Poonen

At Connect Atlanta 2016 this week, we had the opportunity to watch Yahoo Tech founder David Pogue sit down with VMware’s Sanjay Poonen. Great news for us all: we caught this powerful moment on camera.

In this must-watch video for all end-user computing enthusiasts, David and Sanjay talk about how our work and personal lives have been utterly transformed by the lightning-fast evolution of technology.

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5 Major Announcements from Connect Atlanta 2016

Editor’s note: Connect Atlanta 2016 has come and gone, but you can relive all the announcements and tech excitement from your desk anytime. Watch all the Connect Atlanta keynotes on demand here.

UEM, IoT, AR, BYOD, EMM—read about all of the innovations and buzzy acronyms coming out of VMware’s huge end-user computing event.

connect-atlanta-2016Connect Atlanta 2016, one of the biggest annual events in enterprise mobility from VMware AirWatch, is underway. Today was packed with announcements, breaking news and tech previews of the newest innovations to AirWatch and VMware Workspace ONE. Here are the big five you need to know.

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The Ultimate Guide to What’s New in VMware End-User Computing


In case you’re still shaking sand out of your shoes, welcome back to work. Here is what you missed in summer’s biggest end-user computing (EUC) news from VMware.

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