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What’s New in the Horizon Workspace Reviewer’s Guide?

By Cindy Heyer, Technical Writer, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

The latest updated VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5 Reviewer’s Guide is now available. The Reviewer’s Guide was originally released shortly after the release of the Horizon Workspace product, and it has just been expanded.

The Reviewer’s Guide is designed for VMware customers and partners who want to use Horizon Workspace to access their Horizon View desktops, ThinApp virtual applications, SaaS-based applications, and data shares within secure company systems. The Reviewer’s Guide gives you the low-down on the new features of the 1.5 release, and describes how to set up a Horizon Workspace instance and examine the features. You can use the Reviewer’s Guide to explore the functionality in step-by-step exercises, or even as a training tool to familiarize yourself with a sample Horizon Workspace deployment.


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Lost and Found: End-User Computing Tech Resources on VMware.com

By Tina de Benedictis, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, End-User Computing, VMWare

You may have noticed that VMware redesigned its website to better meet user needs. Over 7000 web pages were flipped over in unison to the new design on the 26th of August 2013. The new site is more modern and visually appealing, with built-in social functionality. Research on what our users want informed our decision to provide rapid access to technical content, with the business case ready for when you need to convince the funding side of your organization. You also told us which tasks you do most, so we made those tasks obvious, and you don’t have to search to find these tasks. In addition, the new design is consistent across the VMware product spectrum.

But I didn’t intend to focus all of your attention on our redesign. I want to tell you how to find those lost pages with technical resources for End-User Computing, which you may have had bookmarked, but which now give you errors. We have a lot of pages to redirect from the prior website to the new one, and we just couldn’t manage 7000 redirects!


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VMworld Europe 2013: Leading the Industry in Support for the Mobile Workforce

Erik Frieberg, vice president, product marketing

Today, VMware is making two very exciting announcements at VMworld Barcelona that reinforces our commitment to advancing end-user computing for the industry and for our customers.

First, we are introducing new, innovative product offerings and capabilities across the VMware End-User Computing portfolio to broaden support for the mobile workforce. Second, we are announcing that VMware has acquired Desktone, a pioneer and leader in desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) as part of its commitment and effort to advancing that segment of the market and end-user computing as a whole.

This is a very exciting time for the End-User Computing Group at VMware and in the end, it will be our customers who will ultimately benefit from the advancements we make today and the vision we have for the industry for tomorrow.

Let’s start with the product updates.

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Scan This QR Code for EUC Tech Content!

The VMware End-User Computing Technical Marketing team has a mobile web app for looking at brief technical content about our suite of products. Scan this QR code to be delivered to a wealth of videos, blog posts, and brief papers on VMware End-User Computing offerings:


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Improving Identity Assurance with Strong Authentication

By Archit Lohokare, Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

With the advent of cloud computing and workforce mobility, stronger identity assurance has become a top priority for enterprise IT and security teams worldwide. Enterprise users and customers alike can now access services and data delivered from an enterprise’s private, public or hybrid cloud through a variety of mobile endpoints.  “Anytime-anywhere” access of applications, services and data, however, can expose an enterprise’s critical IT and data assets to malicious attacks. Evernote, for instance, recently had to reset all their 50 million users’ passwords because it detected and blocked suspicious activity on the Evernote network, and resetting user passwords was the only way to ensure that none of this data was compromised.

Organizations can and should mitigate password breaches by implementing stronger identity assurance controls (e.g., strong authentication). At VMware, we recognize the significance of having multifactor authentication built into our products. Multifactor authentication refers to the concept of using two or more forms of authentication for improved identity assurance.

The three most common forms of authentication out there today are:

  • Something you know (password, passphrase, etc.)
  • Something you have (USB key, hardware token, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Something you are (fingerprint, iris scan, voiceprint, etc.)

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End-User Computing Demos at VMworld EMEA

By Rory Clements, Group Manager, Solutions Management, End-User Computing, VMware

Only a couple of weeks after VMworld San Francisco, the End-User Computing team has racked, packed, and stacked an incredible set of demos to showcase in Barcelona!

For EMEA we will be showcasing our entire Horizon Suite of products in a variety of use cases.

If you come to the Solutions Exchange, you can expect to see us demonstrating:

  • Horizon Workspace, including integration of both SAML/SaaS and ThinApp applications
  • Enterprise-grade collaboration with Horizon Files
  • Workforce mobility with Horizon mobile application management
  • High-performance 3D applications in Horizon View, including an industry expert stationed at the Solutions Exchange for the entire event. We will showcase Autodesk Maya, SolidWorks, and Cinema 4D all running in a Horizon View desktop and providing an awesome, native user experience!

Alongside this, we will be showing developer IDE workloads running locally and in our partner and VMware-powered hybrid cloud environments. For those of you who like to geek out (us included!), we will also have some funky peripherals like a MakerBot 3D printer and Leap Motion next-gen interface controller running in Horizon View desktops for our attendees to come and have a play with!

Attendees will be able to take Horizon Mirage for a test drive and learn about some of the new features we will be announcing at the show. Finally, check out vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View. We will be using it live on the show floor to monitor the demo environments, and you’ll be able to play with all of this from a smorgasbord of Windows, Zero Client, iOS, and Android devices!

All the EUC booths will be staffed by our ninja team of experts, who will be ready to tackle anything you can throw at them!

We can’t wait to see you all in EMEA! Remember that you can follow the EUC Solutions team on Twitter for more updates during the show:



VMware Advances EUC Strategy with New DaaS Offering and Mobile Updates (VMworld 2013)

By Erik Frieberg, vice president, product marketing

Today VMware made an announcement that showcases the strides we’ve been making in the End-User Computing group. It has only been six months since we first launched Horizon Suite and we are already advancing the suite with new product capabilities and partnerships that will help make supporting the mobile workforce easier for IT.

Updates to Horizon View

The first piece of exciting news is that VMware has decided to offer desktop as a service on VMware vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) which will help organizations quickly provision and deploy virtual desktops from the cloud. Our vision is to offer DaaS by the end of this year and a preview of this capability was demonstrated yesterday at VMworld. The VMware View DaaS offering will be a great option for customers who want to fixed price per seat offering that is delivered via the cloud.

But if you’re interested in DaaS now, many VMware vCloud partners are offering a Horizon View DaaS solution right now and many of these are showcased at VMworld.

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LG G2: First Smartphone Available on all Major U.S. Carriers to Launch VMWare Privacy and Business Mobile Virtualization Solution (VMworld 2013)

By Leon Bian, Director of Mobile Phone Enterprise Solutions, LG Electronics

LG G2 smartphone

Today, we’re excited to announce that LG’s new flagship smartphone, the LG G2 just unveiled, will offer Privacy and Business (P&B) Mobile Virtualization, powered by the VMWare Horizon Workspace, on all four major U.S. wireless carriers at launch this fall.

The LG G2 joins the LG Intuition among the leading breed of mobile devices that enable secure separation of personal and work spaces on the same device for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) customers. They build on our collaboration with VMWare on mobile virtualization technology that dates back to the fall of 2010 when LG became one of the first mobile OEMs to publicly embrace the growing trend of BYOD.

According to a fresh global survey of CIOs by Gartner, Inc.’s Executive Programs [1], half of employers will require employees to supply their own devices for work purposes by 2017.

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Why I’m Excited About End-User Computing (VMworld 2013)

By Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM, End-User Computing, VMware

This is my second week at VMware, and I for one am very excited about the future of the company. This is a company that has had a huge emphasis placed on INNOVATION. Engineers are proud of the great products they have pioneered that have practically made VMware a household name in the data center and the go to market team is proud of the success they’ve created with customers and the channel.

The recent recognition of VMware as the third most innovative company in the world by Forbes in their 2013 ranking of top 100 firms is a testament to the fact that VMware is not only the company that made industry history with its virtualization technology 15 years ago, but it’s also the company that is continuing to lead the industry with its vision and innovation, as the client-server era transitions to a new mobile-cloud era.

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SDDC Meets EUC- Spotlight Session Today!!!!

by Sarah Semple, End-User Computing Product Marketing

Happy first full day at #VMworld 2013!  We are thrilled to be kicking off our first full day of sessions and we hope your schedule builder is packed with tons of great EUC breakout sessions.  Tonight will be hosting our End-User Computing Spotlight Session.  VMware’s software defined architecture is transforming the data center into a dynamic cloud environment that can be built around a private cloud infrastructure with VMware vCloud Suite or a public or hybrid cloud service with VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. But how does VMware’s End-User Computing Platform fit into all of this? Join this session with our CTO, Scott Davis and other guest speakers as we demo and discuss how are leveraging VMware’s software-defined data center to deliver end-user computing workloads including desktops as a service. We’ll look at how VMware plans to automate and manage your infrastructure and desktops and additionally explore how you can deliver policy entitled access to VMware’s next-generation virtual workspace including applications, desktops and data.

This session is NOT to be missed.  Add us to your schedule today!  Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter #EUC7370-S #vmworld

The Software Defined Data Center Meets End-User Computing
Monday, August 26th at 5pm
Moscone Center West, Room 2009