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Watch Free: All the Breaking Digital Workspace News from VMworld 2016

Yesterday was a huge day for VMware End-User Computing (EUC) at VMworld 2016. On the mainstage in Las Vegas, Sanjay Poonen—VMware EUC executive vice president and general manager—shared breaking digital workspace news and incredible customer stories.

Access the free replay of Sanjay’s VMworld keynote here. Click on the blue “Tuesday” tab to watch.

VMworld Sanjay Poonen EUC keynote Continue reading

What’s New on the VMware Horizon

Horizon VMworld News 1

It’s that time again, when 25,000-plus people come together to take part in VMworld. If you have not been to the show before, it is definitely packed with great Hands-On Labs, technical sessions and lots and lots of new announcements.

As part of this fanfare, I wanted to tell you about a few announcements that focus on our very own VMware Horizon portfolio of desktop and application virtualization products and services.

All the Horizon announcements are specifically designed to help organizations do three things:

  1. Improve user experience to support more use cases. Think Windows 10 migrations, 3D developers, remote office workers, clinicians and more;
  2. Simplify how end users, apps and desktops are managed and delivered; and
  3. Drive down acquisition and day-to-day management costs for new and existing customers.

Let’s take a look at what the Horizon team announced at the show. Continue reading

Announcing New Digital Workspace Technologies Built for the Mobile-Cloud Era

vmworld news euc digital workspace

VMworld has always served as the launch pad for new technologies. Today, VMware End-User Computing (EUC) hits the VMworld stage in Las Vegas to share new innovations that drive the digital workspace forward—now and into the future. Continue reading

Separating Directory from Policy Management: Accelerating Office 365 Deployments with Workspace ONE

A Great Start to VMworld 2016

I’ve been at VMworld since Saturday, and I’ve already found that I don’t get many chances to talk vmworld vmware workspace one newsabout VMware Workspace ONE. It’s not for lack of interest, but rather the opposite. Every time I am in a group of customers and colleagues and the Workspace ONE topic comes up, some VMware employee breaks out their phone, opens their Workspace ONE catalog and can’t stop talking about:

  • How they don’t need tokens.
  • How they can book travel with their phone, create a meeting and find a conference room.
  • How much easier it is to just get things done.

After years of planning, it is incredibly rewarding to not be the one doing the talking. I get to see, hear and experience the value of Workspace ONE as it touches my coworkers from their perspectives on a daily basis. It is exactly that excitement that we want all of our VMware customers to experience. Yes, Workspace ONE closes security holes that have been around for years and simplifies operations. But the real win is when IT is seen as adding value to the employee experience. That always makes business sense in this increasingly complex and competitive business world.

This week, we continue the Workspace ONE journey with two announcements that speak to removing the friction common in most end-user computing (EUC) environments today. Continue reading

Be_Tomorrow: VMworld In Pictures | Day One

vmworld recap 6

VMworld 2016 is officially underway and the excitement from customers, partners and employees is palpable. With more than 25,000 attendees, hundreds of sessions and great networking activities, organizations are getting fully equipped to be_Tomorrow. Continue reading

Make Your Impact on VMware EUC Products of the Future

by Brian Horner, VMware End-User Computing (EUC) senior director of user experience

Brian Horner, VMware EUC

Brian Horner, VMware EUC

This year at VMworld, you can make your impact on the VMware EUC products of the future.

I will personally host a series of one-on-one design partnership workshops with a small set of customers. The goal is to identify and begin working directly with our customers who want to get involved in shaping our next generation of products. As a design partner, you will get to preview and provide early feedback on our products and solutions before they are developed. This is your opportunity to help us align our products to your organizations exact needs!

We will also consider your organizations unique processes, challenges and goals as we design new solutions for the market.  At this time, we are looking to focus our conversations around VMware Workspace ONE Administrative experience, Workspace ONE Client and Horizon Air.

Reserve your time now: http://squ.re/2aP2Fe4 (You can modify or cancel at anytime.)

If there are no available times, email us at designpartner@vmware.com/. In your desired time becomes available, we will alert you. Or we can schedule time with you after VMworld.

Hope to see you in Las Vegas!

EUC Spotlight Session1

EUC #GameChangers: Disrupting the Status Quo & Changing the Game

VMware EUC GameChangers Teaser#GameChangers:

a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way.

When Pokémon Go launched, they had over 100 million daily active users worldwide—within six days! This was game-changing for augmented reality. And game-changers don’t come around every day.

Innovative technology leaders must tackle things in a new way, see things that others don’t and demonstrate an uncanny ability to execute on their vision. This almost always means getting rid of the old way of doing things in favor of something new and much, much better.

We are excited to highlight our most innovative customer stories in a new series: #GameChangers. Continue reading

Delivering the Digital Workspace: The Transformation of EUC

Heading to VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas? You won’t want to miss the news and announcements in the VMware End-User Computing (EUC) Spotlight Session.

EUC Spotlight Session1Delivering the Digital Workspace: The Transformation of EUC

Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 1 p.m.
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3 Game-Changing Windows 10 Benefits for Unified Endpoint Management

windows 10 benefits vmware end user computingMicrosoft launched its Windows 10 Anniversary Update a few weeks ago, and the massive Windows 10 benefits for end-user computing (EUC) just got even bigger.

Windows 10 was the catalyst for what we in the EUC industry waited for years to finally achieve. Windows 10 is such a big deal for our industry, because it practically eliminates the need for desktop and mobile silos in IT. You don’t need one silo for Windows PCs, another for mobile and another for apps. All of this comes together in one management structure with Windows 10.

We here at VMware call this unified endpoint management (UEM). What that means is a single, dynamic operating environment for ALL devices and ALL apps, with security and identity deeply integrated throughout it all. Windows 10 is a huge part of that next-generation unified architecture.

Here are the three game-changing Windows 10 benefits for UEM:

1. Cost/Complexity of Apps & Patch Management

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It’s Here! VMware vForum Arrives in Boston & Denver in September

Register for VMware vForum

Don’t miss out on the VMware vForum in Boston and Denver on Sept. 15 and 22, respectively!

register here vmware cta buttonIf you’re in the area, register to attend the Boston vForum or the Denver vForum to explore new releases of VMware technology. Our experts will dive into the solutions to help you succeed in the new digital economy across cloud, virtualization and mobility.

Want to learn about cyber security and how to protect your business from hackers? Global “white hat” hacker Kevin Mitnick will speak on The Art of Deception: How Hackers and Con Artists Manipulate You, and What You Can Do About It.

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