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Five End-User Computing Predictions for 2016

by Shawn Bass, CTO, End-User Computing, VMware

shawnbass-4401So many times people make outrageous predictions for what will come in the next year for IT trends that most often are completely and utterly wrong. I think the issue is that people like to be provocative rather than pragmatic. While I’d love to see a future that has billions of Internet connected things and flying cars, the reality is I still walked into several customers in 2015 that were struggling to complete their Windows XP migrations. That being said, I don’t think it makes sense to focus entirely on the stragglers when thinking about where the industry is headed. However, it does help to keep in mind that there’s a balance of thinking in the industry and despite rapid innovation in this space, there will be those customers that adopt change immediately and those that are more conservative with their approach. What follows are my thoughts on the top 5 trends that will impact End User Computing (and to a greater degree IT as a whole) in 2016.

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New Video Exclusive: What is the Digital Workspace?

We’re mere days away from VMware’s biggest breaking news event of the year. And we have vmware breaking news cta buttonyour exclusive pass to finally answering the question that will transform businesses across the world: What is the digital workspace?

On Tuesday, February 9, join VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and EUC SVP and general manager Sanjay Poonen as they present VMware’s groundbreaking digital workspace vision and the innovations that will make this ecosystem a reality. Continue reading

The Parallel History of the Smartphone & Mobile World Congress

by Gregory Lehrer, senior director of technology alliances, VMware End-user Computing

Once upon a time in the smartphone world, there were two major operating systems that dominated the market.

End users from the consumer or the corporate world were quickly adopting these devices for personal use, email and/or business needs. These two players seemed to rule that part of the industry. Adoption for one of these devices was viral, thanks to its popularity among high-profile celebrities and corporate VIPs.

There were other players, of course, but their market share was marginal, so these two companies running these two OS’ were planning for world domination over the next few years, surfing on massive device adoption.

While everyone could believe this is a depiction of 2016’s mobile industry and the two players described being Apple and Android, this was not the case in the earliest days of the smartphone. Continue reading

Welcome, 2016 – The Year of Disruption, Digitization & Demand for End-User Computing

by Sumit Dhawan, VMware SVP and GM, End-user Computing, Desktop Products

In 2016, we expect to see massive changes to the IT industry, and there are no models from the Sumit Dhawanpast that can be applied to the multitude of new factors. There will be new ways that will impact how people work and enable the digital enterprise including rapid shifts in business, new approaches to IT and a higher drive toward profitability.

With disruption comes change and opportunity. Here are three market observations and predictions as I look to the year ahead. Continue reading

How to Package Microsoft Internet Explorer with VMware ThinApp and Enable the ThinDirect Feature

By Bernie Watson, Systems Engineer, End-User Computing, VMware

This post shows how to package the different versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer using VMware ThinApp, and how to enable the ThinDirect feature.

Before following these instructions, you need a clean capture virtual machine (VM) with Windows 7 SP1, the latest version of ThinApp installed on the capture machine, and a clean snapshot of the capture (VM).

You also need to establish a network file share to store your folders of captured applications. This file share must be accessible from the capture machine. (Storing the captured application folders on the capture VM would result in the loss of all materials when the VM is reverted back to a clean snapshot state for the next application capture.)

To better understand what is meant by a clean capture VM, refer to the blog post What do you mean by “Clean PC”?. Continue reading

Why Upgrade to App Volumes 2.10: Experience from the Field

By Daniel Bakshi, Consultant, Professional Services Organization, VMware

On November 24, 2015, VMware announced general availability of VMware App Volumes 2.10. There are two important reasons to upgrade to App Volumes 2.10:

  • To enjoy new product features
  • To focus your team on planning rather than troubleshooting, due to many resolved issues

As a member of the VMware Professional Services Team, I have worked in the field with our End-User-Computing (EUC) portfolio, and mostly with App Volumes, because of its fast growth and high adoption rate with enterprises. I would like to share with you the different ways in which organizations are working with the product, which highlight the reasons for upgrading now.

What Is App Volumes?

VMware App Volumes is a real-time application delivery system that IT can use to dynamically deliver and manage applications. You do not need to modify desktops in order to work with App Volumes because applications act as if they were natively installed. The App Volumes solution can be scaled out easily and cost-effectively, without compromising end-user experience.

Figure 1: Traditional App Model Compared to Real-Time App Model with App Volumes

In the previous figure, you can see the difference between the traditional application model and the VMware App Volumes model. With App Volumes, the application is decoupled from the operating system, and user information can be redirected to a personal volume. This creates a flexible, dynamic environment.

Read on to learn what’s new in App Volumes 2.10 and why you might want to upgrade right away. Continue reading

Get Your Exclusive Pass to VMware’s Breaking News Event

On February 9th and 10th, you have the opportunity to be among the first worldwide to hear VMware EUC live online event registrationVMware’s breaking news. All you have to do is claim your ticket here.

Next month, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger will host an exclusive virtual event with the breaking news and announcements about VMware’s “One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device” vision. The online two-day event will span across two tracks:

  1. February 9: VMware End-User Computing—“Deliver & Secure Your Digital Workspace”
  2. February 10: VMware Software-Defined Data Center Division—“Build & Manage Your Hybrid Cloud”

For a limited time, VMware is offering exclusive access to the two-day virtual event, with the option to register for one or both days’ sessions. Please note that the dates and times listed below are for the Americas only; dates and times for EMEA and Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) are listed on the events page here. Continue reading

Leading Retailers Use VMware End-User Computing Solutions to Modernize Stores & Improve Customer Experience

by Paige Handza, VMware End-User Computing retail vertical marketing manager

Here at VMware End-User Computing, we are VMware EUC retail solutions POSthrilled to help thousands of retailers—including 19 of the 20 top U.S. retailers—leverage purpose-built technology solutions to boost customer engagement, modernize store operations, empower employees and increase security and compliance. In a press release today, we are excited to share the stories of customers who are utilizing VMware End-User Computing solutions for retail to modernize and secure retail opportunities in this mobile-cloud era. Read the full press release here. Continue reading

Five Great Reasons for VMware Horizon Air

By Anthony Rizzo – Staff End-User-Computing Technologist, VMware

As a VMware End-User-Computing Specialist, I encounter many people who still have not been exposed to the basic concepts of desktop virtualization and desktop as a service (DaaS). After these concepts are explained, the majority of organizational and IT leaders easily grasp the enormous value of these technologies to their businesses.

This blog describes desktop virtualization, desktop as a service, the VMware offering for desktop as a service (VMware Horizon Air Desktops), and five great reasons organizations use Horizon Air. Continue reading

VMware Customers Accelerate Desktop Transformation in 2015 and Beyond

The year may be coming to a close, but the end user computing market is still ripe with euc blog 2015 look backopportunity. Looking back on 2015, there was no shortage of observations about how the market progressed in just a year, and VMware continues to support and accelerate this wave of transformation. We at VMware are motivated by how our customers are using our technology, and this year we heard from several of our customers about how they use our new Horizon innovations to transform business processes.

One of the best parts of the year has been hearing firsthand from our customers about how they drive desktop transformation with VMware. During VMworld US and VMware Europe, we heard from more than 15 customers, including Auburn University, Societe Generale, Southern New Hampshire University, Telecom Italia and Thales, about their desktop transformation journey. The VMware team is blown away by our customers’ ability to innovate at such as a rapid pace and change the way their industry does business.

NVIDIA is an excellent example of an industry-leading customer accelerating desktop transformation. As a customer and partner, VMware and NVIDIA work closely together to support internal desktop deployments and also enrich the user experience. Continue reading