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VMware Horizon Air: Utility Server Considerations

By Daniel Berkowitz, Horizon Air Senior Solutions Engineer

Managing virtual desktops requires some infrastructure services to support everyday use, services such as: user authentication and entitlement (Active Directory), IP address management (DHCP), Key Management Services and File Services. This isn’t an exhaustive list; it is really any service that supports the desktop’s basic functionality so that a user can log on and access resources.

When moving to VMware Horizon Air these requirements don’t change; you still need to make sure these services are available for all your desktops. We make sure that you have options available to support your desktops, but you need to be aware of the considerations while planning for utility servers running in Horizon Air.

Services Supported by Utility Servers

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Getting a Pulse on Your Smart ATM: Remote Management Is Critical

Increased branch automation requires new concepts and strategies for branch services, including the management of ATMs.

On September 2, 1969, America’s first automatic teller machine (ATM) made its public debut, dispensing cash to customers at Chemical Bank in Rockville Center, New York. ATMs went on to smarter ATM management for financial services and bankingrevolutionize the banking industry, creating an important touchpoint between banks and their customers. ATMs provide the convenience of 24/7 self-service transactions and, in some cases, even eliminate the need to visit a bank to conduct basic financial transactions. Economist Paul Volcker, former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, even considered it the only useful innovation in banking.”

Per the Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2020, published by the U.K. research and consulting firm RBR, the worldwide ATM installed base is expected to reach four million by 2020. In spite of its ubiquity, widespread use, global footprint and the key role in retail branch transformation, ATMs recede into the noise of everyday memory. Few stop to reflect on how ATMs—and the computer infrastructure that supports them—became the backbone of contemporary retail banking. Continue reading

vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps 6.3 Now Available!

Drumroll, please: VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps, version 6.3, is now generally available (GA). This new version of vRealize Operations for Horizon & Published Apps introduces a slew of new features that will allow you to:

  • Monitor VMware’s Blast Extreme protocol in VMware Horizon 7.
  • Troubleshoot user sessions with a new help desk dashboard.
  • Support Horizon 7 and Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp 7.6-7.8.
  • Collect data 3-times faster, allowing organizations to dramatically improve SLAs.

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Why Patient Engagement Is Important & How Mobile Technology Drives Adoption

patient engagement

Patient engagement is the process of healthcare providers and patients working together to improve health outcomes. The more a patient engages in their treatment process, the healthier that patient becomes. Simply put, better educated patients make better decisions and choices, which in turn lead to healthier outcomes and reduced overall healthcare costs.

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Read All 6 HUGE VMware EUC Product Announcements Right Here

IBM, TrustPoint, Workspace ONE, AirWatch 8.4, Mirage, App Volumes and more top off another busy week for VMware End-User Computing (EUC).

It’s been a busy week here at VMware End-User Computing (EUC). And we couldn’t be more excited about it.

In the video below, our EVP and general manager, Sanjay Poonen, gives you all the top headlines from our game-changing announcements this week:

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Enabling Just-In-Time Delivery with VMware App Volumes 2.11

When VMware Horizon 7 was introduced to the market just a few months ago, it represented a shift in the way virtual desktops and apps could be delivered and managed. Several new vmware app volumes test drivecapabilities highlighted the innovations in Horizon 7, including Smart Policies and Blast Extreme. One of the most exciting features introduced was the concept of Instant Clone technology.

Instant Clone capability comes from our vision of helping customers deliver a Software-Defined Data Center, and cloning virtual desktops (VDI) happens to be a great use case in using that capability. This technology shifts the traditional VDI deployment model from a somewhat cumbersome and time-consuming process to a rapid and fully-customizable process. Instead of using traditional virtual desktop cloning methods, which require power cycle and reconfiguration calls, Instant Clone technology allows IT to clone virtual desktops in memory from an existing running virtual desktop, resulting in desktops that can be created in seconds rather than hours!

As if that’s not exciting enough, imagine what you can do when you combine Instant Clone technology with VMware App Volumes. App Volumes helps deliver applications to users and desktops in real-time, simplifying the lifecycle management of apps that helps reduce costs associated with managing images and storage capacity by 70%. Many customers are taking advantage of App Volumes for their Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop and RDSH environments today—and doing it at scale. Continue reading

VMware at Citrix Synergy: Quick Recap of a Great Show!

Las Vegas was buzzing a couple weeks ago with customers from all over the world attending Citrix Synergy. Citrix hosted their annual conference, and VMware joined many of our peers and customers in hosting our own booth on the showroom floor.

For those who were able to swing by our booth, we demonstrated many new innovations, starting with VMware App Volumes.

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Full Image Management for Windows 10 with VMware Mirage 5.8? Check!

According to TechTarget, 40% of IT professionals are planning to upgrade to Windows 10 this Mirage Overview videoyear. This represents almost 3X the number who were planning to upgrade last year, which was about 14% of IT professionals. It’s clear that enterprises are starting to think about and even beginning to adopt Windows 10.

The VMware Mirage engineering team has been ramping up development to support Windows 10 physical PC management, beginning last year. From the release of Mirage 5.6 in December to Mirage 5.7 a few months ago, we’ve focused on introducing support for managing Windows 10 PCs with minor releases, rather than releasing one major version.

Today, I’m excited to announce the latest release that supports full image management for Windows 10 with Mirage 5.8.

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VMware Expands Partnership with IBM & Offers VMware Horizon Air on IBM Cloud

These days, more and more customers are looking to move their workloads and services to the cloud. Not only does this make good business and financial sense, it also helps improve the speed and scope of services that organizations can provide across the board. So it should come as no surprise that desktops and apps as a service, or what is often referred to as DaaS, is also gaining strong traction with customers this year. IDC sees it and has predicted that DaaS will grow from $376M in 2014 to over $1.4B in 2019.[1] We are also seeing this demand at VMware.

Almost two years ago, we launched our VMware Horizon Air service on VMware vCloud Air to support customers with the ability to take advantage of apps, desktops and disaster recovery (DR) as a cloud-hosted service. And we have seen demand for this service grow across every region.

This is why we are excited today to announce that Horizon Air customers will soon have the opportunity to leverage the IBM Cloud—in addition to vCloud Air—to deliver full Windows desktops (including Windows 10 desktops) or published apps to a wide range of devices.


This is great news for customers looking to embrace desktops and apps as a service, and here are a few reasons why: Continue reading

VMware & Tanium: A Match Made for 21st Century Computing

Speed and Scale for the Hyper-Driven, Scale-Out World

Guest Blog by Curt Aubley, VP of Global Strategic Alliances and Technology, Tanium 

Throughout my career as CTO, first at Lockheed Martin and then at Intel, it became clearer to me that the existing approaches to identify and protect computing assets was quickly reaching a scale that traditional processes, technologies and teams could no longer address. Legacy solutions were becoming too complex and losing their effectiveness. It was time to change the game, which is why I joined a game changer like Tanium.

Today, VMware and Tanium announced a new endpoint security and management solution, VMware TrustPoint, which provides customers a fully integrated solution for endpoint management and security. Tanium was founded because endpoint security and systems management needed more than an overhaul—they needed to be completely redefined. So, it is our distinct honor to partner with VMware, a company that shares our ethos of “change by revolution,” and the company that refined the nature of computing forever.

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