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VMware Horizon VDI Powers WCH’s New Hospital of the Future

Women's College Hospital

Electronic medical records (EMR) have become a quintessential part of modern healthcare. Doctors and nurses are busy. Patients want more personalized care. So the ability to quickly access accurate patient records online, without losing facetime, is transformative.

What’s more, clinicians increasingly want to be able to do this from any device and in any treatment setting (in the doctor’s office, bedside, over the phone, etc.). To do this seamlessly and securely, modern hospitals also now need a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to run an EMR solution.

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When the Women’s College Hospital (WCH) redeveloped their medical center, they made the VMware Horizon VDI solution part of their healthcare transformation. Here’s how the leading academic and ambulatory, or outpatient, care hospital in Canada sped up processes for busy doctors and nurses with Horizon.

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Delivering a Transformational User Experience with NVIDIA GRID & VMware Horizon 7

vmware virtual desktop auto manufacturingWorkstations are the way work gets done in many industries around the world, such as aerospace, automotive, space exploration, oil and gas. Engineers and designers have traditionally relied on dedicated graphics workstations to perform the most demanding tasks, such as manipulating 3D models and visually analyzing large data sets. Standalone workstations are anchored to brick-and-mortar facilities. These workstations also carried high acquisition and maintenance costs, requiring the user to be present in the lab or office.

With VMware Horizon 6, we broke those bonds and delivered an untethered, high-performance graphics experience with the addition of GPU virtualization.

Now with the advances in VMware Horizon 7, we have doubled down on user experience and further raised the bar, liberating users from their offices. Now, workers in these industries have the freedom to work from any location on any device, accessing their virtual workstations within private and public clouds. Continue reading

Driving Productivity in Retail Operations with Intelligent Digital Workspaces

retail operations vmware workspace oneAs retail continues to transform, the retail IT infrastructure continues to grow in complexity. Retailers find it increasingly difficult to streamline operations and enhance workflows, while maintaining a highly available infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to equip retail employees with dependable remote access to applications, data and resources at any location using any device.

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Employee Productivity

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Introducing the Echo ONE Podcast

What is a digital workspace? And why are businesses doubling down on this new way to work? This trend is so transformational that we launched a brand new podcast dedicated to all things digital workspace and business mobility.

Subscribe to Echo ONE on SoundCloudiTunes and Google Play Music.

Episode #1: What Is a Digital Workspace?

In the premier episode of Echo ONE, get to know us – Justin and Blakely – as we talk to historian, published author and professor Dr. Don Elder about how NASA’s Project Echo laid the groundwork for modern communications and the digital workspace.

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Mirage and MongoDB, Part 2: Installing and Upgrading

By Yan Aksenfeld, Member of Technical Staff, VMware

This 4-part blog post series discusses the addition of MongoDB to Mirage.

Part 1 introduced the benefits of adding MongoDB to Mirage to enhance the performance of Mirage when working with a large number of small files.

This blog post discusses new MongoDB components in Mirage, designing Mirage for high availability, and MongoDB considerations of Mirage installations and upgrades.

New MongoDB Components in Mirage

Mirage has several MongoDB components:

  • MongoDB database, preferably replicated
  • VMware Mirage MongoDB service
  • VMware Mirage MongoDB Arbiter service

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Mirage and MongoDB, Part 1: Introduction

By Yan Aksenfeld, Member of Technical Staff, VMware

This four-part blog-post series discusses the addition of MongoDB to Mirage.

This blog post discusses MongoDB and how it optimizes Mirage performance.

Why MongoDB?

VMware Mirage requires many components, including servers, management consoles, gateways, file portals, and disk volumes. In VMware Mirage 5.4, VMware introduced a substantial new component to Mirage—the MongoDB database. Why add another component?

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8 Most Popular VMware EUC Product Diagrams & Charts, According to Social

Thanks to recent product releases and the expertise of our VMware End-User Computing (EUC) technical and creative teams, we’ve developed some great resources for our @VMwareHorizon social followers in the past month or so. And thanks to social media, we can always tell when we’re providing you, our readers and customers, with the right product news, FAQs and how-to guides.

In case you missed us in your news feed, here are the eight most popular EUC diagrams and charts, according to social:

1. Provisioning Office 365 with VMware App Volumes AppStacks


2. Introducing True SSO (Single Sign-On) in VMware Horizon 7

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Top Horizon 7 Insights and IT Best Practices From Our Pros

vmw-tech-consulting-servicesWe’ve talked a lot about the newest capabilities introduced in VMware Horizon 7, but how does it change the roles within your IT organization or impact your long-term end-user computing strategy?

No one has better IT best practices and technical insights than our very own VMware consultants. Our consultants are on the front line of software-defined data center transformations, end-user computing deployments and virtualization implementations.

Here’s a roundup of their Horizon 7 tips and insights from the VMware Consulting Blog.

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5 Next-Gen IT Priorities: Highlights from VMware vForum Online

“The role of IT is more critical than ever,” said our CEO at VMware, Pat Gelsinger, last week at VMware vForum Online. “As businesses are looking to their digital transformation, the role that you play, the role that IT offers to the business, is more critical than ever. It’s also more challenging.”

Pat, VMware Americas CTO Chris Wolf and other experts discussed the changing role of IT amidst digital transformation at vForum Online (our online conference for IT professionals to keep current on the latest technologies and connect with industry experts). Here’s what they say should be your new priorities to enable the digital business.

VMware vForum Online

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[VIDEO] CIO Bask Iyer Reveals VMware’s Internal Digital Workspace Strategy

From selling refrigerators to leading the strategic technology infrastructure of one of the world’s largest technology companies, VMware CIO Bask Iyer has watched the fast-paced evolution of technology throughout his career. We had the opportunity to capture his insights on how he is enabling the new digital workspace era within VMware, what he calls “drinking our own champagne” and his three tips for CIOs faced with the challenges of our ever-evolving technology world.

Watch this VMware Impact video below to hear Bask’s insights and advice firsthand.

In the video, Bask shares his four key priorities for VMware’s internal technology framework: Continue reading