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New Course Available: Horizon (with View): Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0]

A new course based on the Horizon 6 release is now available: Horizon (with View): Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0].

This hands-on training course builds your skills in installing, configuring, and managing the Horizon View component of VMware Horizon. Designed for system administrators and system integrators responsible for deploying the VMware virtual desktop infrastructure, this course will give you practical experience with these concepts through the completion of hands-on labs.

This course is available in classrooms around the globe, via live online delivery, or it can be brought onsite to your location.

FREE eLearning: VMware Horizon Workspace Fundamentals [V1.5]

The Horizon Workspace Fundamentals FREE eLearning is a self-paced course providing fundamental knowledge of installing, configuring and using VMware Horizon Workspace. It is 2 hours well spent. Register today!

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