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Free vFabric SQLFire Ebook

VMware’s in-memory, distributed vFabric SQLFire delivers unprecedented scalability, performance. Check out our free ebook to learn more.

JUST AS VIRTUALIZATION has driven huge improvements in enterprise infrastructures during the past few years, the application layer that sits above these servers, storage and network components is undergoing change as well. Today’s fast-paced business climate is completely redefining the way users interact with data, so applications look very different than those of even five years ago. Now applications could easily be mobile and/or Web-based, therefore breaking down basic assumptions of location and access points that were once considered givens. In order for developers to keep up with new demands and variables, they must be able to write and deploy applications that suit the way employees, customers and partners interact with data. As a result, a whole new set of requirements is being placed on the data management layer that supports these applications as well.


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