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VMware VMworld US 2014 Book Club: Books and Interviews, Part 1

If there were a VMware book club starting up at this year’s VMworld, VMware Certified Instructor Eric Sloof would certainly be leading the group in lively discussions. At VMworld US 2014, he staked out at the bookstore and interviewed authors about their books, their VMware backgrounds, and their IT industry perspectives.

Learn about new books that have arrived on bookshelves, which authors he caught up with, and some of the vital bits of wisdom they dropped at this year’s event. (And get your copy of these books at the VMware Press online store.)

VMworld TV Interview: Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan Discuss Essential Virtual VSAN: Administrator’s Guide to VMware Virtual SAN

Eric Sloof interviews authors Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan about their new book Essential Virtual VSAN: Administrator’s Guide to VMware Virtual SAN. The authors share tips for getting started with VSAN, policy-based management, and the steps to get VSAN deployed. You may be thinking that it’s fairly easy to set up VSAN, so why is the book so thick? In short, the VSAN set may be easy, but there are considerations around networking, design, and performance, so lots to consider and ponder as you read.

VMworld TV Interviews Christopher Wahl and Steven Pantol about Networking for VMware Administrators

Eric caught up with authors Christopher Wahl and Steven Pantol to talk about their new book, Networking for VMware Administrators, available now. The book is divided into three sections: the physical network (including a dictionary), virtual components and port groups, what you need to build a virtual network, and then, finally, the design.

VMworld TV Talks to Michael Webster and Michael Corey about Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Doing IT Right?

One of the questions we’ll all undoubtedly ask ourselves in our careers is, “Am I doing this right?” Well, Eric Sloof snagged Michael Webster and Michael Corey, co-authors of the new book Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Doing IT Right? to talk about the contents of their latest tome. They talked about the rules when it comes to virtualization and the SQL stack.

VM Horizon Authors Paul O’Doherty and Stephane Asselin

Authors Paul O’Doherty and Stephane Asselin have penned a new book about VM Horizon. Paul has been working with VMware products for 10 years, from virtualization to cloud. Stephane has been in IT for 22 years, starting off as a VDI customer before moving into the business. You know if two VMware veterans who have decades of experience between them write a book, it’s going to contain a lot of history and perspective. Find out if this is the year of VDI and get their perspectives on the industry shifts that are taking place now (and what they’ve seen.)

Don’t miss the second part of this VMware books series with additional books that cover virtualizing Microsoft applications, VCAP5-DCA and VCP5-DCV exams, and a short video with trivia to test your VMware knowledge.

Save 50% on VMware Mirage Beta Training Class in California

Interested in learning how to deploy a unified image management system using VMware Mirage v5.0? Well, our new course VMware Mirage: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0] can help you do just that. And on 13-15 October in El Segundo, CA, it will be run as a BETA offering, meaning you can attend for half price.

This course will also teach you how to install Mirage 5.0 and then configure security, manage images, perform a Windows migration, set up endpoint protection, and perform various management functions.

VMware offers BETA courses to anyone wanting to participate in finalizing the near complete course. You save 50% off the course price and get the same valuable VMware training. Seats in BETA classes like this one fill up fast, so act now.

Question of the Week (ESXi)

This week’s question comes from the VCP5- Data Center Virtualization practice exam.



A) Round Robin
B) Fixed
C) Most recently Used
D) This cannot be determined

Click through to the comments for the answer and learn more here.

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2 New Free Elearning Courses – vSphere Data Protection Advanced and IT Business Management

We’ve added two more elearning courses to the extensive library of free VMware training classes.tumblr_mnh2m1hnS81st5lhmo1_1280

vSphere Data Protection Advanced [V5.8] Fundamentals - provides information about the vSphere Data Protection Advanced backup and recovery solution for virtual machines and describes the technologies it uses.

IT Business Management [V1.1] Fundamentals - analyzes the VMware ITBM Standard Edition solution, describes the installation and configuration of ITBM Standard Edition, and describes how ITBM Standard Edition can be used to visualize and manage cloud costs.


Get your MD in IT: Education is Key to Success

PMI, Dr. JD, VCHS, MCT…these are just a few of the many career certifications that exist today. Being able to add just one of these titles to your name means you’ve done a significant amount of hard work to earn it.

When it comes to IT, measuring professional achievement often comes down to the skills and certifications a person has earned in his or her career, but not all certifications carry the same weight in the industry.

So which certifications pack more punch and carry more weight than others?

Here to help you sift through the most sought-after certification offerings, Global Knowledge has compiled a list going beyond a computer-based, multiple-choice exam. These certifications offer greater breadth and depth of content.

Check out Global Knowledge’s blog to learn about 10 Certifications That Really Mean Something. We’re happy to be on their list as #3 for VMware Certified Professional 5 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV).

Americas VCI of the Quarter Award Announced

The Americas VCI of the Quarter Award for the period of April to June (Q2) goes to John Davidson. John has been a technical trainer since 1996 and a VCI since 2007. As a VCI, John delivers classes for VMware directly, but also for the members of the Distributor, VATC and vITa communities. John delivers training across all certification tracks; Cloud, End-User Computing, Network Virtualization, and Data Center Virtualization.


As the Course Director (Lead Instructor) for Global Knowledge-USA, John has worked during Q2 with the RemoteLabs Team to develop the lab environment to support vSphere 5.5 FastTrack, vSphere 5.5 Optimize & Scale, and the Horizon View 5.2 courses. Completion of these labs allowed GK to offer a more robust public and enterprise schedule in order to deliver more training to VMware customers.

He has also delivered a total of 11 sessions in Q2 educating VMware customers.

Some years ago, John was fortunate to observe the first ICW conducted by David Day, Liz Loughlin, and Andrew Ellwood. Since then, John has delivered a number of ICW Prep workshops to prepare and mentor instructors in their efforts to become VCIs. In the past, John was awarded the status of Mentor Instructor to evaluate and promote junior VCIs who could only deliver ICM into senior VCIs. In addition, John has had many auditing VCIs in his classes and has assisted in their preparation efforts to deliver new training courses.

Please join me in congratulating him on this well deserved award. Congrats again John!

VCDX / vExpert Party Celebrates Programs, Honors Award Winners

It was the beginning of a new certification era and the end of an old one at the annual VMworld VCDX / vExpert party last week. Pat Gelsinger presented John Arrasjid, VCDX 001 with the John Newman Award, and Ray Budavari with the first ever VCIX-NV certification.

Ray paved the way for recognition in installing, configuring and administering NSX virtual network implementations, having completed a demanding, live hands on lab. VMware’s semi-official band, Elastic Sky, celebrated with a performance, and said farewell to guitarist John Arrasjid. Pictures of the event featured below.

John Arrasjid, VCDX 001 accepts the John Newman Award from VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Pat Gelsinger congratulates Ray Budavari on his achievement as the first VCIX-NV.

Pat Gelsinger addresses the VCDXs and vExperts.

– Elastic Sky closes out the night.

– Eric Sloof chats with Elastic Sky

Upcoming Webinar on VMware vCloud Automation Center

When properly understood, the vCloud Automation Center moves the task of delivering personalized IT services from a manual process to an automatic one. In our webinar on September 10th at 9am PDT, VCI and Senior Technical Instructor Jerry Davis will instruct participants on mastering:

  • The use case for the vCloud Automation Center architecture within today’s multivendor cloud environments
  • The process of building and provisioning blueprints that enable SLA-driven application performance
  • The purpose and practice of assembling vCloud Automation Center workflows
  • And more…

This live event is part of a FREE ongoing ViewPoint Webinar Series that provides you a glimpse of the shared in VMware training while helping you get the best performance out of VMware’s products, including data center virtualization, network virtualization, hybrid cloud, and the software defined data center. This webinar focuses on using the vCloud Automation Center to achieve business agility, personalization, infrastructure and application choice and overall department efficiency.

jerrydavis_85x90The instructor, Jerry Davis, has been with VMware for over 8 years. He also works as a Software Developer, System Administrator, and Technical Instructor. His certifications include VCP3, VCP4-DCV and VCP5-DCV.

What are you waiting for? Save your seat and register today!

Save 50% on Two BETA Training Classes in the USA

We are offering two special beta delivery classes in the coming weeks. VMware offers BETA courses to anyone wanting to participate in finalizing the near complete course. You save 50% off the course price and get the same valuable VMware training.

VMware NSX for Internetworking Experts Fast Track [V6.0]
Reston, VA, USA
22-26 September

This comprehensive, fast-paced training course focuses on how to leverage the power of the VMware NSX network virtualization and security platform. This course covers NSX as a part of the software-defined data center platform, implementation use cases along with features of NSX, and functionality operating at layer 2 through layer 7 of the OSI model. Lecture and hands-on lab activities support the student’s understanding of the NSX features, functionality, and on-going management and control.

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.8]
Houston, TX, USA
25-26 September

This two-day, hands-on training course equips experienced vSphere administrators with the knowledge to install, configure, and manage VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.8. This course also equips you with the knowledge to assist in writing and testing disaster recovery plans that use vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

Space in these classes is limited, so register today

Question of the Week (Software-Defined Data Center)

This week’s question comes from the Software-Defined Data Center video series.


A) It works with physical and virtual infrastructures and private and public clouds
B) It automates service delivery
C) It provides self-service provisioning of machines
D) All of the above

Click through to the comments for the answer.

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