William J. Earl

Storage Software Architecture


William Earl is a Staff Software Engineer in the vSphere Storage and Availability group. He is responsible for architecture and technical direction of various storage software projects, and contributes to the overall VMware storage software strategy. He is one of the architects of VMware's new Distributed Storage technology.

William has over 40 years of experience developing distributed systems, operating systems, file systems, networking, and other system software. His career has included work on fault tolerant distributed systems at Tandem Computers, SGI, Zambeel, Agami Systems, and now VMware; operating systems and computer architecture at MIPS Computers Systems, SGI, and elsewhere; file systems and file serving at MIPS, SGI, Zambeel, and Agami Systems; system software for graphics at SGI and NVIDIA; and executive roles as Chief Architect at two startups, Zambeel and Agami Systems.

William holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the California Institute of Technology, and has done graduate research in distributed systems at the University of California at Irvine.

Posts by William J. Earl


Storage Directions for the Software-Defined Datacenter

September 7, 2012
Storage Directions for the Software-Defined Datacenter

The demand for services in datacenters is steadily growing as companies recognize the value of setting up or growing a service in seconds or minutes and of able to increase business agility.  Traditional datacenters have made use of a great deal of specialized hardware, requiring a large amount of manual configuration and management, as well as complex resource management.

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