Preeti Somal

VP, R&D, Management Products


Preeti was VP R&D Management products in the Cloud Infrastructure BU at VMware. She oversaw the development and delivery of the Cloud Service Provisioning, Application management and IT Business Management suite of products. Previously she lead the development of VMware’s vCloud Director through it’s first release. Preeti has an extensive background in applications and systems management , prior to joining VMware in 2008, she was responsible for strategy and development of application management at Oracle.

Preeti received her Bachelor of Engineering from Panjab Engineering College in India and her Masters in Computer Science from University of Georgia.

Posts by Preeti Somal


Application Management in a Software-Defined Datacenter

October 9, 2012
Application Management in a Software-Defined Datacenter

In a recent blog by my colleague Kit Colbert, he outlined a number of implications that a transition from traditional systems to a cloud environment have on management. Traditionally dedicated infrastructure tied to specific applications lead to tightly integrated vertical silos and significant complexity in management tooling. With the move to software-defined datacenters these silos are turned on their side, applications are “unlocked” from their dedicated infrastructure and an opportunity to reap significant operational benefits is created.

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