Matt Eccleston

Chief Architect - VMware View


Matt Eccleston was VMware’s chief architect for desktop virtualization, and worked on VMware's desktop virtualization products since 2000. He held both development, management and architectural roles on VMware Workstation, VMware ACE and VMware View over the years.

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View Storage Accelerator – VMware’s next step towards more reliable, more cost-effective storage for VDI environments

May 17, 2012

VDI with VMware View has brought many benefits to customers over the years, including business agility, improved control and security and end-user flexibility. However, a vexing problem as our customers scale up the size of their deployments has been how to achieve cost-effective storage designs for VDI environments while maintaining an excellent quality of service for their end users. The “VDI storage problem” fundamentally stems from the different economics of traditional desktop storage (a local SATA drive), and datacenter-class storage. Datacenter storage is almost always more expensive on a $ per GB, or $ per I/O throughput basis. However, at the same time, datacenter storage offers significant opportunities for pooling resources, securing, consolidating and centralizing the data of the desktop. VMware has always been...

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