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Why VMware Integrated OpenStack

Jonathan Cham is a Global Solutions Consultant who helps global companies transform and accelerate the way IT is delivered to their customers. He focuses on open source, cloud operations and management solutions.  He currently consults with organizations on how to approach the software defined datacenter model and create business value for the IT organization.   Jonathan has a MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and MBA from USC and has worked in various technical roles in his career.  In his free time, he has ambitious goals to be a decent basketball player.   This is the first of a three part series about our OpenStack distribution. Since OpenStack Grizzly, VMware has committed to contributing and integrating with the OpenStack platform.  Our heritage with...

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Andrew Nelson

What Impact Can Virtualization Have on the Field of Research Computing?

Challenges for IT supporting research computing environments What is most important to an IT department supporting university research? Based on conversations with many of our customers, we have repeatedly heard the following: Satisfying the varied and sometimes conflicting requirements of different research groups, which...

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Sandeep Uttamchandani

Why Object Storage Is Making Inroads Into Enterprise Storage Deployments

The amount of data stored within an enterprise is growing at a phenomenal rate. In the late ‘90s, a storage system with one petabyte capacity was considered a great accomplishment— you got your name in news articles and also got invited to give conference...

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Duncan Epping

Implementing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Today I have the pleasure to present a brand new white paper which was the result of a collaboration between three different teams within VMware. A couple of months...

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Paul Strong


Another week, another trip! :o)  One of things I truly love about my job is the opportunity to get out into the field and spend time with our customers,...

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Felicia Jadczak

VMware Announces its Membership in SAFECode

By Iain Mulholland, VP R&D, CTA Team, VMware We are proud to announce our associate membership in the Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code (SAFECode) . The...

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