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News Around the Network

Gina Bollenback
Posted by Gina Bollenback
Global Alliance Marketing
Communications Manager

This week’s News Around the Network highlights new areas of integration between VMware and its partners, as well as key VMware virtualization benefits:

Cloud News: Layered Tech, VMware, GoGrid, Dell (Data Center Knowledge)
Hear more about the Layered Tech announcement and how it added VMware vCloud Powered services to its existing cloud portfolio. Also featured is the new SecureCloud encryption solution from Trend Micro that is closely integrated with the Dell Cloud + VMware vCloud Datacenter Service.

Lab Report: VMware vSphere 5 and IBM XIV Gen 3 End-to-End Virtualization(Storage CH Blog)
Read the lab report linked to in this blog to learn about storage features IBM XIV Gen3 delivers for VMware infrastructures.

Business Critical Applications on VMware and NetApp (Virtual Storage Guy)
Check out the video featuring Vaughn Stewart of NetApp and Wen Yu of VMware where they discuss the benefits of virtualizing business critical applications.

VMware customers, if you want to see anything specifically highlighted in this blog please respond in the comments section or on Twitter or Facebook. VMware partners and community, please let us know if you have any stories you suggest we highlight in future weeks.