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HP and VMware: Accelerating Our Customers ROI with the Latest Update to VirtualSystem for VMware

Brent Allen
Posted by Brent Allen, HP,
PMP Product LIfecycle Marketing
Converged Application Solutions

Today, March 26th, 2012, HP and VMware announced the latest updates to the highly popular HP VirtualSystem for VMware. These updates are aimed at further accelerating customers’ ROI through technology, flexibility, and manageability.

HP VirtualSystem for VMware, originally announced in June at HP Discover 2011 (view VMware’s press release here) and launched at the end of August at VMworld 2011 (view launch interviews here or here), is a portfolio of specifically architected and optimized virtualized data center building blocks. These solutions combine HP Converged Infrastructure (made up of servers, storage, networking, intelligent rack and power, and management) with VMware virtualization technologies in optimized blocks that are delivered as turnkey solutions through HP’s Factory Express. These blocks come in three architectures, each designed for specific virtualization requirements: VS1, VS2 and VS3.

With today’s announcement, I’m very happy to report that HP VirtualSystem VS3 for VMware will now include configuration options for HP 3PAR P10000 (V-class) storage. Now, the world’s most powerful virtualized array is also part of the world’s most powerful virtualized solution block! Over the past several months, I have been asked why this wasn’t included in our initial release. The honest answer is the engineering work that developed the original VS3 took place before the P10000 was completed. The original VS3 architecture was largely based on the 3cV reference architectures that had been successful with many of our customers. So, we needed to take some time to develop the right architecture for the 3PAR V-class. Without a doubt, the addition of the HP P10000 3PAR Storage System to VS3 builds on and advances our VirtualSystem technology and architectural leadership through even more advanced 3PAR clustering, efficiency and autonomic management. The direction with VS3 has always been to help customers more confidently consolidate the toughest Tier I applications and the P10000 has been designed with the same thought in mind – so, it is just a natural fit in the portfolio.  

It may seem like a small update, but HP VirtualSystem VS1 for VMware customers will see new “midline” configurations that offer additional server and storage flexibility for more granular mapping to individual workload requirements. Realistically, this is huge for us, because this means that we can respond in a more flexible manner to our customers’ needs and budgets. Further, with new additions to the power and networking infrastructure, it is easier than ever for customers to add server and storage nodes to expand systems as they grow.

Additionally, the entire lineup received a management update with the new HP Insight Control V 7.0 management suite and an updated extension for VMware vCenter. This converged management solution drives even more management oversight and control across VirtualSystem into VMware vCenter, helping to simplify the lives of administrators by providing a single pane of glass from which to reduce downtime and identify issues before they occur.     

Hp screenshot

From a simplified overview screen, administrators get status information from all of their HP subsystems with the ability to dive into anyone of them for more information and control. They also have newsfeeds with information about the latest actions and events in the system and easy access into iLO, Onboard Administrator, VirtualConnect and storage management. All of this amounts to simplified administration and tremendous time savings.

Finally, HP VirtualSystem for VMware has updated to the new intelligent i-Series 42U racks. These new racks offer innovative intelligence capabilities for asset management, unparalleled structural integrity, cooling and cable management advances. They are the first rack family to offer location discovery intelligence for advanced asset management. This new capability integrates with HP Lights-Out Management (iLO) and HP Intelligent Power Distribution Units (iPDU) to communicate to the datacenter manager the U space, row, and rack location of each system. 

So, in the end, we have many small updates across the board that are coming together to provide a lot of value for our customers.

For more information on HP VirtualSystem for VMware, go to www.hp.com/go/vsforvmware