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Teaming with Cisco to Accelerate Virtual Desktop Deployment

James L
Posted by James Lomonaco
Cisco Alliance
Marketing Manager

The introduction of VMware View 5 has us more excited than ever about our strategic alliance with Cisco. Together, we are simplifying the physical and virtual infrastructure and management associated with desktop deployments and providing a rich end-user experience on a foundation optimized for performance and availability.

Both Cisco and VMware have diligently delivered on our joint vision to regain control of the corporate desktop environment. We’ve integrated VMware View with the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). We’ve made the Cisco Desktop Virtualization Solution with VMware View a core module of the Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) system. Known simply as Cisco VXI with VMware View, the solution addresses today’s IT and end-user challenges: achieving scalable, high-performance desktop virtualization with media-rich communications, unified management, pervasive security and an uncompromised user experience. The integration of voice, video and virtual desktops transforms desktops into virtual collaborative workspaces. 

In an effort to simplify implementation, we are working with our ecosystem partners including NetApp and EMC to deliver Cisco Validated Designs that provide detailed technical guidance based on validated and tested configurations. Both NetApp and EMC have worked with Cisco and VMware to deliver separate validated reference architectures for shared infrastructure and virtual desktops.

Customers of VMware, Cisco and NetApp, including Metro Health (a regional healthcare provider based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan) have embraced our joint solution, achieving significant cost and efficiency benefits. Read about optimizing clinical workflows with VMware View and Cisco VXI or hear what Metro Health has to say about utilizing desktop virtualization to optimize clinical workflows and improve care.

Beyond healthcare, the integrated Cisco and VMware solution is ideal for academic institutions, as well as organizations operating call centers and those employing large numbers of customer service representatives. If your organization is a Cisco customer, what other ways would you like to see VMware technologies integrate with Cisco solutions?

2 thoughts on “Teaming with Cisco to Accelerate Virtual Desktop Deployment

  1. Tony Paikeday

    Great post James! I'd echo the same regarding our joint solution. Clearly VXI with VMware View takes unique advantage of the history of deep solution interlock that exists between UCS, vSphere and View, providing an operationally simplified, scalable architecture, with hypervisor-aware networking, security and policy built-in.

  2. Jesse Johnston

    VMware's partnership with Cisco Systems continues to deliver powerful tools that streamline virtualization and decrease the barriers to entry for organizations unfamiliar with the technology. Coupled with Cisco's UCS platform, I am massively excited to utilize VXI with VMware View to truly unlock the virtualization experience on my local data center. Great job, team!

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